Creating a .Com Site Using WordPress

WordPress is widely used by many web developers to setup websites and blogs.  The reason is that the software is very easy to setup and customize.  In fact, all you need is about 20 to 30 minutes and you can setup your own website using WordPress.  Here is the quick and easy process for setting up your new WordPress site.

Choose Your Domain and Service Provider

The first thing you need to do is determine that web address that you want for your site.  Then you can go to a site such as and determine whether that url is available.  If not, you will have to modify your url name but if it is available, you can then proceed to the next step and register you domain name.

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You have numerous choices for buying domain names and registering for hosting and there are many sites that allow you to do both. is one great option but there are plenty of options that can be found via a Google search.

When you register for hosting, you have many options ranging from monthly to yearly and even longer.  The longer you commit to for hosting, the less you pay in monthly fees.  Once your hosting is setup, you can then proceed to setting up WordPress.

Setting Up WordPress

The first step in setting up WordPress for your site is heading to the official WordPress download page and downloading the current installation of WordPress.  One you have downloaded the file, extract the archive and upload it to the root folder of your web host account (e.g. using the cPanel of your host or via an FTP client such as Filezilla.  Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand all these terms as your web client will have tutorials to assist with this.

Once you’ve completed this step, the rest of the install process should be pretty easy assuming all the files were uploaded properly.  Go to your url in your browser (e.g. and you should be prompted with a message stating that a wp-config.php file doesn’t exist.  This is normal and you can click the button to create a configuration file.

The next screen will prompt you with information to fill in to create the SQL database for your wordpress installation.  Fill in the database name, user name, and password field.  Leave the Database Host as localhost and Table Prefix as wp_.  Once this screen is done, you will be prompted to give a title for your site and then enter an admin username and password.  Finally you will need to enter the email you want associated with this installation.  Once this is all done, you click finish and you should get a message saying that your installation is complete.

The above is the quick and easy way to setup a site using WordPress.  There are various Youtube tutorials about WordPress that will guide you through making the site. Also, the WordPress official site has a detailed set of install instructions for those that cannot get the simple setup to work or those wanting more control over their installation.

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