Create Large Dummy Files in Windows Using One Line Command

Just a trick, if you want to fill your drives by creating large dummy files in windows, then you should check the tutorial. Yesterday, I discovered this new trick which is as easy as typing and hitting enter. You can create dummy files with or … [Read more...]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Keys

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is really awesome, the metro interface is very easy to work on. But few guys are having trouble installing Windows 8 as they can't find the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Keys. … [Read more...]

Facebook Smileys – Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Chat

Facebook, being the most popular in the field of Social Media, has awesomely large number of features to play with. There are plenty of applications on facebook to pass your time. And at the same time, you will find them interesting just like … [Read more...]

Get Back To Old Android Market Easily

Google is breaking its own policy of Open Source Android Os, by auto updating the Android Market in almost all android phones. The new Android Market, is very laggy and very hard to use as it has dirty speed and interface. … [Read more...]

Use Custom Fonts in WordPress Using @font-face

Wordpress has given you the power of doing almost anything with it. Its the most customizable and advanced CMS with over trillions of users. Last week, I have got a mail from a reader asking "How should I use my custom font in self-hosted wordpress … [Read more...]