Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

With the popularity of Internet connections and Internet packages, come new products with it – at a more affordable price than its predecessors.

Voiceover Internet Protocol is one of those cases, presenting a new and shiny new outlook to business communications, offering you a range of prices at a much more affordable price than any other phone company around.

This system isn’t new – but given the ubiquity of Internet connections, it has flourished and is now taking over the business sector.

This means more mobility for you, given that you don’t need to be at the office to take important calls, to get faxes or to get voice messages – you can get everything, directly on your phone and e-mail. No more running around the office machinery, waiting for news on that important client. All the news will get to you.

Also, a big plus, is that moving your voip connection isn’t costly or time consuming – all you need is another Internet connection and you’re set to go. And, you can easily add extensions to your voip network – making it easier for a growing company to extend the several calls you get on the phone.

Yet, like every product, you can find that a business voip service can also have a downside – does it eliminate the good in voip?

See the darker shade of voip, and decide for yourself.

* If the Internet or the power go out, so does voip: If you have a blackout or you forget to pay up the Internet bill, you end up with no voip service. Most companies have a solution for this – they take the calls straight to voicemail on your office. But, alas, you can’t get those office calls or make calls from your office on that predicament.

* No emergency calls: Many voip services don’t provide you with 911 calls – and some that do, charge you something for those calls.

* Surcharges to cell phones: Connection to cell phones or special lines might drive you into additional charges.

* Trouble with international calls: You can still make them on voip services, but you need to be aware that if you’re calling a country that is below the radar, or isn’t that well known, you risk not being able to call at all. Yet, a good thing is, that if you make voip international calls, the charges can be smaller and you have appropriate packages for it. Always read the fine prints about international calls if you make many, because if not chosen well, it can cost you.

Although it has some downsides, a voip service is the best thing you can ask for in terms of cost and mobility, and it can keep you up to date with any changes that happen on your company to the second. SendHub can help you out with this – from VoIP service to business texts, they can offer you great opportunities to make your company move forward and save time and money – also, through this system, the hours you put in are twice efficient, given that you can be anywhere and still take all those important calls you wouldn’t get otherwise. No complication, no hassle – just add Internet.

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