Windows 8 Metro Apps Not Working[Fixed]

In Windows 8, Metro Apps are not working for most users. Windows 8 Consumer Preview, has a lot of bugs and may be it is under development. It is not a ignorable problem, and since it is seen in most of the Windows 8 Consumer Previews users, therefore … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook Timeline, was forced by Facebook after the launch. Facebook must have given the option to choose from the Timeline Profiles and the Simples ones. But unfortunately, facebook is getting avoided by Timeline haters. … [Read more...]

Creative Photography Ideas Showcased

Looking for Inspirational and Creative Photography Ideas for your next project ? We have gathered some awesomely captured and created creative photographs that will give ideas for your next photo project sessions. … [Read more...]

Create Large Dummy Files in Windows Using One Line Command

Just a trick, if you want to fill your drives by creating large dummy files in windows, then you should check the tutorial. Yesterday, I discovered this new trick which is as easy as typing and hitting enter. You can create dummy files with or … [Read more...]

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – Increase Facebook Page Likes Easily

Facebook, is obviously is a great place of gaining audience as well as exposure. But for that you need the people like your product or page on Facebook. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a plugin for wordpress, and which allows you to increase your … [Read more...]

Download AllMyApps – Free Application Marketplace for Windows Users

Windows 8, is built with a Microsoft Store where you can download all Windows Apps at one place. You don't need to search for them on the web. But most of the 3rd party Windows Apps are excluded from the Microsoft Store. Here is the alternative you … [Read more...]