How to Protect Yourself from Online Frauds

There are numerous numbers of sites online, blogs and websites.While accessing these online sites, these sites may or may not access your computer storage for various reasons, including storage of data or accessing Java etc. Some sites, using these technology also try to insert Malwares into your computers which can be detected by using various Malware Security Applications.

Similarly, even when you access sites, they may try to run some scripts which can fetch your passwords and can do frauds using your passwords. These passwords maybe stored in your Browser’s preferences, which can accessed in Google Chrome, Mozilla and some other browsers too.

While surfing the web, I came across a site Telesign which provides identity authentication services.

TeleSign Intelligent Authentication provides an easy-to-implement and powerful method for identifying and substantially reducing online fraud and spam using the most widely deployed technology — a user’s phone.

TeleSign uses the phone as a verification and authentication tool. By sending a phone call to a user with a one-time pin code, it forces the user to give a traceable piece of information and creates an audit trail. TeleSign’s technology helps prevent spam, fraud, and bulk registrations.

The company protects 2.5 billion downstream accounts in more than 200 countries, offering localization services in 87 languages. In 2011, TeleSign ranked #15 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ and was named Visionary in Gartner’s User Authentication Magic Quadrant.

The company uses PhoneID which works internationally. PhoneID can determine phone type and other related characteristics about any phone number in the world. The depth of information returned varies by country. The PhoneID works on API and is unique for every user.

The technique works internationally and there’s support of various languages. After using Telesign, there is 90% fruad reduction as reported by the users of Telesign.

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