Best Web Based Twitter Apps

Twitter, when started called as a Social Networking and Sharing Site, and after the next year passed, it is now and then called as a most used and one of the most popular microblogging site. Many Bloggers use twitter as a source of visitors and twitter too have a collection of applications which optimize your tweets, and makes you an extraordinary twitter.

Below are the must try applications for twitter users.

Tweetr – an application allows to upload the files on Twitter not exceeding 10Mb. This might be useful in many cases, i.e. the application has an option to make photos of your desktop if you have a webcam. Thus, you can easily include photos of your office, documents, and small media files into your tweets.

Twitalyzer – one of many Twitter services that provides a detailed statistics of your online presence in the micro-blogging social network. You can examine a completely different information with this application such as your generosity, authority, and other ratings.

Tweetmeme – a service that allows viewing the most discussed Twitter posts. And in the same time you can categorize them. It’s really comfortable, because you can always stay in touch with most discussed posts.

Topify service, helps you make daily work with twitter much lighter. It send you an e-mail if you have any followers. By the way, you shouldn’t visit followers page, because all necessary information contained in this email. This service helps you presents you the full information about your followers. It’s especial useful, if you promote something with twitter.

Tweetake is twitter-backup. It’s not to consider necessary. But, in case if twitter crushes, this service can be useful. It’s almost impossible, but… just in case.

Tweetstats it is one more service, that monitors your message activity. Best service, that can help you, to check marketing experts work.

FollowWatch e-mails you, if somebody declines your updates. Can help you, if you want to keep an eye on twitter community.

TwitterCountd helps you to increase a number of symbols in message. This service divide your message automatically in a few small messages, that good for twitter.

Twitteranalyzer one more twitter info analyzer. I like this service, because it has user friendly interface and lots of capabilities. I recommend this service to everyone. It analyses twitter amount and builds activity graphs.

FileTwt created to limit your file upload not exceeding 20mb. Works fast and handy. My recommendation.

Twitter Toolbar – is one of browsers toolbar for Internet Explorer & Firefox. Helps you to control your Twitter. Realy helpful. This toolbar can search inside your Twitter and check updates.

Monitter allows you to check your twitter updates in real time, consists required keyword. For example, type required keyword. After that you can see all last messages with your keyword.

Future Tweets helps you to post twitter message during time indicated by you. For example, you have a message template, but you can’t post it right now. In Future Tweets you can set up the date and the time, when you message is going to be published. It will be done automatically.

CoTweet helps to arrange one twitter account by more than two persons. It make a sense, if your twitter account manages by more than one marketing expert.

HootSuite with help of this service you can manage several of Twitter accounts. If you have a lot of Twitter accounts, so this service is just for You!

Also check out the new PowWowNow Free Conference Calling iPhone application which also brings you free mobile conference calling at the touch of a button.


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    Great list mate… but don’t forget :D Its a great site to manage your followers :D
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    First time to see this blog..
    Very nice list buddy, I use Twitter to spread my blog posts and maybe I should try your recommendations. :D
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