2 How to Remove Paragraph Marks ( ¶ ) in Microsoft Word

2 How to Remove Paragraph Marks ( ¶ ) in Microsoft Word

Geekers - Microsoft Word is a very well-known document processing application and almost all computer users have used this application.

When compared to other document processing applications, Microsoft Word offers ease of operation and Microsoft Word also provides various tools available in the application. The tools available in the Microsoft Word application are also very useful for us when creating a document.

An example is that we can make the position of the text content to be on the right, left, center or right-left alignment. We can also set the font and size of the text that we will create. When creating a paragraph in a Microsoft Word document, we must have come across the ¶ symbol, right? The ¶ symbol is the symbol for a paragraph. This symbol is very useful when we want to set paragraphs in a document.

How to Remove Paragraph Marks ( ¶ )

As previously explained, the ¶ symbol is useful when we are going to set paragraphs in the document we have created. And actually we can show these symbols or hide them. Because if we don't hide it, then the symbol really disturbs our vision when looking at the Word document sheet.

In this tutorial, I will give you two ways to remove paragraph marks (¶ ) in Microsoft Word. And here's the full explanation.

1. The First Way

In the first way to get rid of this paragraph symbol in Microsoft, I will explain it by using the tools on the toolbar. Here's step by step how to remove the ¶ symbol.

1. First you have to open a Word document file that contains a paragraph symbol in it. The following is an example of a Word document that has paragraph symbols in it.

how to remove symbols ¶ how to remove symbols ¶

2. Next you have to enter the Home menu then look at the Paragraph toolbar section. Click the ¶ icon as shown below. Click the symbol until the symbol is no longer active.

how to remove symbols ¶ how to remove symbols ¶

3. So, your worksheet document no longer has paragraph symbols that can block your eyes when working on documents. You can bring up the symbol again if you want to adjust the paragraphs in your document worksheet.

2. The Second Way

The second way to remove the ¶ symbol in Microsoft Word is very easy and simple. This method is also very fast if you are in a hurry to get rid of the symbol.

You can press a shortcut that can remove or hide the symbol on your Word page. The following is a complete explanation and steps for removing paragraph symbols in Word documents.

1. The first step you have to do is open the Word document file which has a paragraph symbol in it as shown in the image below.

how to remove symbols ¶ how to remove symbols ¶

2. Then then you have to press the shortcut key to hide or remove the paragraph symbol, the shortcut key is CTRL + SHIFT + *. If the command is unable to remove the paragraph mark, then you can press another shortcut, namely CTRL + *. Because there are several types of laptops that cannot remove the paragraph symbol by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + * shortcut on the computer keyboard or laptop. You have to adjust to the type of your laptop or computer.

3. If so, then your Word document page will be like the image below. Now there is no longer the ¶ symbol that disturbs our vision. This is a very quick way to hide paragraph symbols in your Word document. So this second method is highly recommended for you to try.

how to remove symbols ¶ how to remove symbols ¶

Thus the article on how to remove the ¶ symbol. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and make your Word document look tidier.


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