2 Very Easy Ways to Backup Data on Iphone, Let's Try It!

2 Very Easy Ways to Backup Data on Iphone, Let's Try It!
Geekers -  Backup or backup of data or files is the right thing if you want your important files to be safe and stored.

For some reason, you may want to back up your iPhone data. Either because you want to sell the iPhone or you want to reformat the iPhone so that all data will be erased. Backing up is the most appropriate choice if you want to use old data on your iPhone.

But not everyone knows how to back up properly. If an Android device can be easily backed up by simply copying and pasting data to a computer, it's different with the iPhone and other Apple devices.

The Easiest Way to Backup Iphone Data

Therefore here I will share how to backup data on iPhone. So that iPhone users, especially new users, can do backups.

1. Via iCloud

iCloud is the official storage media from apple. iCliud can store data online. Maybe some of you are wondering. How does iCloud actually work? Actually how iCloud works is almost the same as how Google Drive and Dropbox work on Android smartphones.

iCloud can store image, video, document and music files and you can also access them at any time, but with a note that you must have an internet connection. The steps you have to take to back up your data on iCloud are:

*) You have to make sure your iPhone is connected to wifi. Because to do this method you have to be connected to wifi.

*) Then you enter the Settings application then your Apple ID which is at the very top of your screen. After select iCloud.

*) Then you can scroll down and look for iCloud Backup. After that press and activate iCloud backup by sliding the slide next to iCloud Backup to the right and until it turns green. Then later your iCloud Backup status will change to ON. Like the picture below.

how to backup data on iPhone how to backup data on iPhone

*) After that, press the Back up Now menu and you have to make sure your iPhone is still connected to wifi so that the backup process can take place.

start the backup process start the backup process

*) Wait for some time until the backup process is complete.

how to backup data on iPhone how to backup data on iPhone

2. Manually

Apart from backing up/backing up files directly with iCloud, you can also back up manually. For example, suppose you have just attended an event and want to back up videos/photos, you can copy the videos and photos manually by using the Photos application. Open the Photo application which is symbolized like a flower shape.

photo application photo application

Then select some photos that you want to backup. Then in the lower left corner you will find the upload icon. Like the picture below.

how to easily backup data on iPhone how to easily backup data on iPhone

Then you will be prompted to choose where to share the photo. Then choose iCloud photo sharing.

upload photos to iCloud upload photos to iCloud

After that you will be guided to create an album for your photos. Then press Post to upload your photos to iCloud.

upload to iCloud upload to iCloud

Then you can see the photos that you uploaded in the Shared section.

how to backup data on iPhone how to backup data on iPhone

Done. So, there are several ways to back up data on your iPhone, whether it's photos, videos or your important files on your iPhone. This is so that if you want to replace your iPhone, you can still have your old files that you backed up on iCloud before. It's easy, right?

Hopefully this tutorial on how to backup data on iPhone can be useful for many people and can be shared with others. Thank you 😉


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