2 Ways to Backup BBM Chat Quickly and Easily (100% Work)

2 Ways to Backup BBM Chat Quickly and Easily (100% Work)
Geekers -  Chat backups are usually needed to prevent chats from being deleted. Whether it's in the form of text interactions, audio, photos, or videos, which you will need at any time. The term backup can also be interpreted as a file backup, so that files can be restored if you accidentally delete them. Some chat applications also provide features to manage user chat backups. One of them is the BBM application.

BBM is an acronym for Blackberry Messenger, a cross-platform chat application. This application can replace the SMS function in sending messages.

The difference is that BBM requires a data plan or WiFi connection to be able to interact with other users, so SMS rates are not charged for every message sent. In backing up chats, this application also supports storing chat data that we do.

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   * 2 Ways to Easily Backup BBM Chats

   + #1 Backup All Chats

   + #2 Backing Up Specific Chats

2 Ways to Easily Backup BBM Chats

Since backing up your BBM chats is very important, there is no reason not to back up your important chats so that they are not easily lost and deleted. Here are the steps on how to easily back up BBM chats:

#1 Backup All Chats

1. Open the BBM application on your smartphone. Go to the profile page by pressing Me in the lower right corner, and selecting Chats to switch to chat settings.

how to backup bbm chat how to backup bbm chat

2. Next, put a checklist in the Automatically Save Your Chat History section. This aims to back up your chat history automatically. Chats will be backed up every 24 hours

how to backup BBM chats on an Android phone how to backup BBM chats on an Android phone

3. After being checked, confirm your chat backup request by pressing the CONTINUE option to continue. Previously, you could read the information in the pop-up command. It says there that your chat will still be saved even if you delete it with the End chat command. If at any time you chat with the same person, the previous chat will automatically return.

CONTINUE option to continue CONTINUE option to continue

4. Your chats have been successfully backed up automatically. If you have previously followed the steps above to back up your chats, then you can then do a manual backup any time you want to back up your chats. Press the Save Chat History Now option to save the received chat until the time you press it.

how to backup BBM chat to email automatically how to backup BBM chat to email automatically

#2 Backing Up Specific Chats

The steps above are how to backup all chats in your chat room. To backup certain chats (one of the chats), I also prepared the steps below.

1. Open your BBM application. On the Chats page, select which chats you want to backup so you will be in your chat room with the contact you selected.

select which chats you want to backup choose which chats you want to backup

2. After that, press on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen so several options will appear. Select and press Email Chat. This command serves to send chat history to the social media you want.

press on the vertical triple dot press on the vertical triple dot

3. Next you will be offered various options for backing up your chats via social media, such as Whatsapp, Google Drive, LINE, Telegram, and others. This method also allows you to easily share or send your chat history to others.

how to backup deleted BBM chats how to backup deleted BBM chats

4. Your chats were successfully backed up (to the app you selected).

Backing up chats will really allow you to avoid data loss. By backing up, we don't have to worry about deleting chats in the application. We can add more alternatives to get chat easily without going through the application in question. You can read or view chats on other platforms without needing to access the BBM application again.

You can apply the steps for how to backup BBM chats above so that your files are maintained. If you have anything to ask about this, please fill in the comments column below. Thank you 🙂

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