2 Ways to Bootable Flashdisk to Install Windows and Other OS

2 Ways to Bootable Flashdisk to Install Windows and Other OS

Geekers - To install an operating system using flash media, you must first make the flash disk bootable. What things are needed for a bootable flashdisk? The first is definitely the flash itself. Make sure you have a flash that is sized according to the size of the operating system later.

For example, the ISO file of the Windows 10 operating system is 5GB in size, you must prepare a flash drive with the size above it, for example 8 or 16GB. The second is, you must have the ISO file of the operating system. For example, if you want to install Windows 10, you must first have the Windows 10 ISO file.

Just those 2 are all you need to make a flashdisk bootable. Next, you can simply install third-party software that will be used to copy the ISO file to your flash drive while making it bootable.

How to Bootable Flashdisk

You can do a bootable flash drive using two software that I recommend, namely Rufus and UNetbootin.

1. Rufus

Rufus Rufus

Rufus is a software made by Akeo Consulting which is used for a bootable flash drive so that it can be used for OS installation, be it Windows, Linux and so on.

On its official website, Rufus claims to be faster than similar software like UNetbootin or WinToBootic. I haven't proven it myself, the results of a comparison of the three software at once, but while I was using it, the bootable flash process that Rufus did was relatively fast and very rarely experienced corruption or cases of several ISO files that had not been copied.

I highly recommend this software for bootable flash drives. You can read a tutorial on how to make a bootable flash drive using Rufus in the following article:

 Tutorial using Rufus

2. UNetbootin

UNetbootin UNetbootin

The next software that I recommend is UNetbootin. I rarely use UNetbootin, I mostly use Rufus. Even so, UNetbootin deserves to be a rival to Rufus rather than WinToFlash.

Both of these software are free and have the same function, namely to make a bootable flashdisk. Even so, the process of copying files to a flash drive takes a few minutes longer than Rufus. You can use UNetbootin to make your flash disk bootable so that it can be used as OS installation media. I have written the tutorial before and you can read the tutorial below:

 Tutorial using UNetbootin

Those are two of the many software that you can use to make your flashdisk bootable. Actually, you can make a bootable flashdisk via CMD, but I really don't recommend it, especially if you are new to the computer world. In addition, bootable flashdisks via CMD also often experience corruption.

Therefore, I recommend that you use third-party software, which is simpler and more practical. All right, I hope the tutorial on how to make a bootable flash drive above is useful and if you have anything to ask, please submit it in the comments column below.

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