2 Ways to Create a New BBM Account on an Android Phone (+Image)

2 Ways to Create a New BBM Account on an Android Phone (+Image)

Geekers - The existence of this application had become a trending topic a few years ago and was the beginning of the emergence of other Android-based social media applications. This application is called Blackberry Mesengger or commonly abbreviated as BBM.

It is called Blackberry Mesenger because at first this application could only be downloaded and used on Blackberry brand smartphones, but in the end the developers developed it so that it could be used by Android phones as well. This progress is certainly felt by Blackberry or Android users around the world.

Even though at this time the trend is starting to decrease, the number of Blackberry Messenger users is still quite fantastic and can increase at any time. Therefore, in this article, we will review how to create a BBM or Blackberry Messenger account on an Android phone. Differences in cellphone brands or Android versions don't have much effect because BBM's appearance is simple and dynamic.

How to Create a New BBM Account

Actually there are 2 ways to make BBM, namely using your mobile number and using email, basically these 2 methods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on you to choose which one is the most appropriate and most efficient. Immediately, the steps - steps how to create a BBM account below:

1. First, of course, you have to download the Blackberry Messenger application first via the Google Play Store as usual, make sure that the developer listed is Blackberry Limited Inc. This is because there are many similar or clone applications but different developers.

2. After that, click Download and install the device on your cellphone, wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.

3. Once installed open your Blackberry Messenger application. On the initial page select Register to register your account.

How to Create a New BBM Account How to Create a New BBM Account

4. This is where you will determine whether to register with an email or with the mobile number that you are currently using. If you register using email then the display form will be like below:

create a bbm account with email create a bbm account with email

5. Meanwhile, if you register with a mobile number, the display form will look like this:

How to Create a BBM Account How to Create a BBM Account

6. The procedures and detailed methods are not much different, and here we use the mobile number to register for a Blackberry Messenger account. You select Register with a telephone number and fill in the data and the cellphone number that you are using, of course. Before entering your cellphone number, don't forget to select your current country code. After filling in everything then click Create Account, then wait a few moments until the creation process is complete.

How to Make New BBM How to Make New BBM

8. Next a form will appear to verify your cellphone number, after you receive an SMS containing the verification code, enter it directly into the column provided then click Verify. The purpose of this is to ensure that the number you entered is correct.

enter verification code enter verification code

9. After going through the verification process, you already have your own account. Now you only need to put your profile photo then look for the PIN of friends, relatives, colleagues or family to become your Blackberry Messenger contact.

After going through the steps above, the tutorial on how to make BBM has been completed. You can immediately enter or re-login by entering an ID in the form of an email or mobile number and a password as a mandatory requirement and you will always remember it onwards. With all the conveniences offered, it's no wonder why Blackberry Messenger still exists from the past until now.


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