2 Ways to Easily Download Youtube Subtitles (+Pictures)

2 Ways to Easily Download Youtube Subtitles (+Pictures)

Geekers - Currently, Youtube is known as a site that provides a variety of video content that can be used as a medium for information, learning, entertainment and much more. Along with the times, Youtube continues to develop the quality of each video that will be presented. One of them is Closed Caption (CC) or better known as subtitles.

What are subtitles? Of course, the term subtitle is no stranger to hearing. Subtitles are subtitles that appear from videos or films in foreign languages. Indeed, most videos will provide subtitles related to the video itself, while there are also videos that provide video captions separately.

However, with this CC feature, Youtube will provide subtitles to the videos automatically. In fact, not only does it provide video subtitles with the basic language used in the video, but Youtube also offers a variety of languages so that users are free to choose subtitles in the language they want.

Then, how do you download this YouTube subtitle? In this article, I will tell you an easy and fast way to download these Youtube subtitles. That way, after you have learned how to download videos from Youtube, now you will also know how to download these subtitles. Just go to the following discussion.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles

As previously explained, Youtube has provided Closed Captions which help you to better understand the essence of the video you want. Here, I will give you 2 ways you can download this Youtube subtitle. Here are some ways to download the YouTube subtitles.

#1 Download Youtube Subtitles with DownSub

Step 1 : Prepare the desired Yotube video link. The way to get it is easy, you just have to copy the video URL by right-clicking on the URL, then selecting Copy or Ctrl + C.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles How to Download Youtube Subtitles

Step 2: Open the DownSub site, then paste the copied video URL by right-clicking on the Search Box or more practically pressing Ctrl+V. Then press Enter.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles How to Download Youtube Subtitles

Step 3 : After that, you just have to choose the subtitle in the language you want. For example, here I choose Indonesian. Click the Download link. That way, subtitles will be immediately downloaded in .srt format.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles How to Download Youtube Subtitles

#2 Download Youtube Subtitles with Amara

The first method is much faster than the second method. However, the site used in the second way has complete features where you can download the various subtitle extensions you need, such as .DFXP, .SBV, .SRT, .SSA, .TXT, .VTT . In addition, this site is a non-profit site so there are no advertisements in it. You can see the steps below.

Step 1: Unlike the first method, in this method you only need to know the title of the video you want to download without having to know the URL of the video. For example, the video to be downloaded is entitled “Hello Ghost 2010”.

Step 2 : Visit the Amara website. Then, type the video title in the Search Box. Then, press Enter.

press Enter press Enter

Step 3 : Next, the Amara site will display the video according to the title that has been entered. And click on the video title, as shown below.

click on the video title click on the video title

Step 4 : Then you are offered with a choice of language for the subtitles to be downloaded. Select the desired language. For example, I choose Indonesian. You can also select subtitles in a specific time duration chart.

Select language Select language

Step 5: In the subtitle menu section, there is a Select Download menu. Click the Download menu to select the subtitle format extension to be downloaded. After that, the subtitles will be downloaded immediately according to the format you choose.

Click the Download menu Click the Download menu

Thus the article on how to easily download YouTube subtitles. Even though basically, subtitles that are automatically available on Youtube cannot be downloaded, there are many sites that can help fulfill your desire to get these subtitles. It's up to you to choose which site suits your wishes and can make it easier for you.


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