2 Ways to Easily See Congested Streets on Google Maps

Geekers - Google Maps is no longer a new product. From its name, Google Maps is one of the applications/services provided by the largest technology company, Google.

Google Maps is very much used today as a guide. Today's road users don't have to worry about traveling. With Google Maps, users who don't know a location can easily find the location they are looking for. By utilizing Google Maps, we can also find out our location and prevent ourselves from getting lost on the road.

How to See Congested Streets on Google Maps

The development of Google Maps is quite rapid. Apart from having a virtual assistant as a guide, Google Maps also provides other features. One of them is traffic monitoring.

Utilizing traces of users connected to their Google accounts, Google Maps utilizes existing data to map traffic flow. That's why you can see the condition of traffic density on the highway.

1. Via Google Maps Site on a PC/laptop browser

Here's how to see traffic jams on Google Maps via a browser on a PC/laptop.

1. Open your browser and visit the Google Maps site. After the page appears as shown below, click the down arrow followed by the words See travel times, traffic and nearby places.

open google maps site open google maps site

2. Next, the display panel will display some information and options. Find and click the option traffic Moderate traffic in this area. select traffic select traffic

3. Then, as shown below you can click the arrow to the left to minimize the panel.

click arrow to expand display click arrow to expand display

4. After that, you will be shown a map view accompanied by colored lines. Well, you can get congestion information from the color line that is displayed. How to read it is very easy. You can pay attention to the Live traffic panel which is located at the bottom.

traffic jam is red line traffic jam is red line

There are several colors, namely green, orange, red, and dark red. These colors represent the lines that follow the road sections on the map, indicating the smoothness or speed range of traffic at that location. The details include.

– Green: smooth traffic, no traffic jams.

– Orange color: slightly heavy traffic.

– Red color: heavy traffic, congestion occurs.

– Dark red color: more heavy traffic. The darker/older the red color, the more congested and slower the traffic speed on that road. You can be sure that the road is totally jammed, it will take hours to get out of the jam.

5. Well, you can also see more details by changing the Live traffic mode with Typical traffic. Click the down arrow that follows Live traffic as shown in the image.

this is how to see traffic jams on Google Maps this is how to see traffic jams on Google Maps

6. In the Typical traffic panel there is a time that you can customize. The time is in the form of days and hours. You can see predictions for congestion areas on certain roads based on the day and hour.

custom time custom time

2. Through the Google Maps application on Android

The way to see traffic jams through the Google Maps application on Android is as follows.

1. Open the Google Maps application on your Android.

open google maps apps open google maps apps

2. In the opening screen, click the layer icon as boxed in the image below.

how to see traffic jams on Google Maps how to see traffic jams on Google Maps

3. After that, select the Traffic option to bring up colored lines on the map.

select traffic select traffic

4. Now, on the next screen, you will be able to see which streets have traffic jams. The line color indicator for congested roads is the line which is red and flushed. That is, the darker the red color on the line, the slower the traffic on that road.

how to see traffic jams on Google Maps how to see traffic jams on Google Maps

Google Maps proved to be quite helpful for us in providing information about traffic conditions. With the information provided, we as road users can avoid areas with heavy traffic.

You can also apply the method above anytime and anywhere. If there are comments and suggestions regarding the discussion of how to see traffic jams on Google Maps, please include them in the comments column below. Good luck and thank you.


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