2 Ways to Make a Google Form / Online Form (+Image)

2 Ways to Make a Google Form / Online Form (+Image)

Geekers - You are probably already familiar with the term Google Form, right?

This Google Form is one of the services or features provided by Google Drive. Google Drive itself provides services for creating documents in various formats such as word and excel, storing 15GB of cloud and creating online forms.

The Google Form provided by Google Drive can help us create online forms easily and quickly for purposes such as event registration, filling out surveys or questionnaires, collecting data and others.

How to Make Google Forms Online

Some people may still not understand how to create a Google Form. For this reason, in this article, we will learn how to quickly and easily create a Google Form. But, you must remember to create a Google Form, you must have a gmail account first. For more details, let's look at the explanation below.

A. Sign in to your Google Account

1. Please login to your gmail account to enter Google Drive.

how to create a Google Form how to create a Google Form

2. After logging in to your Gmail account, click the box icon as indicated by the arrow and then select "Drive" to enter Google Drive.

Box Box

3. After that, on Google Drive, click the "New" button at the top left, select More > Google Form to open Google Form.

how to make an attractive Google Form how to make an attractive Google Form

B. Create Forms on Google Forms

4. After Google Form opens, on the Question tab, enter the form title in the box provided according to your needs.

Form Title Form Title

5. Under the "Form Title" box, there are several question boxes that you can fill in. On the right, the box has a choice of types of questions that can be selected. As shown below, the type of question is short answer.

Google Drive Questions Google Drive Questions

6. You can select the type of question to be published by clicking on the box marked with a red box. Then, add questions by clicking the plus icon marked with the number 1.

Choice of Form Type Choice of Form Type

7. After the question is added, you can choose the type of question again. Here we select “Multiple Choice” for the “Gender” question.

Google Drive Question 1 Google Drive Question 1

8. In the next question, here we choose "Paragraph" for questions that require a long answer.

Google Drive Question 3 Google Drive Question 3

9. Then, if you want to upload files whether photos, documents, pdf and others, you can choose the type of question "Upload data". Then, set the file type, maximum file, maximum file size.

Google Drive Question 4 Google Drive Question 4

10. In the upper left corner there are several menus such as the "Colour Palette" (marked with a yellow circle) which is the color setting for the form to be created and "Preview" to see the real appearance of the form we are creating.

Google Form Menu Google Form menu

11. The result will look like in the image below.

how to easily create a Google Form how to easily create a Google Form

12. After you are sure of the contents of the form that you will create, click the "SEND" button to publish the form.

Send Send

13. After clicking the button, a display will appear as below. You can send the form to a specific email (personal).

Publication Form Publication Form

14. Apart from that, you can also share the form publicly (accessible to anyone) by using the link provided. Check "Shorten URL" to shorten the link as shown below.

how to create a Google Registration Form how to create a Google Registration Form

So, that's how to create a Google Form on Google Drive, easy right?

With Google Forms, we can easily create forms or online forms easily without the need to code or create HTML code, all that's left to do is drop and drag. Alright, that's all the discussion this time about how to create a Google Form. Hopefully useful and good luck. Thank you!

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