2 Ways to Make Lines in Word Easily and Quickly, Here's How!

2 Ways to Make Lines in Word Easily and Quickly, Here's How!

Geekers - Every time you want to create a document from Microsoft word, you must have different needs according to your goals. One of them is making straight lines, which maybe not everyone understands how to make straight lines.

Then, what is the use of this straight line? Lots, usually used to make letterhead lines and also borders or commonly called frames. This article will explain to you how to make lines in Word. Come on, see the explanation of how to make a line in Word below.

How to Make Lines in Microsoft Word

1. Create a Letterhead

a. Page Borders

1. Make writing on the letterhead.

2. Select the Design section in the menu bar section.

1- design 1- design

3. Then, select the page borders menu.

4. After that, a pop-up dialog menu appears. Next, select the Borders tab.

3-tab borders 3-tab borders

5. Then, on the border menu. Please select custom, then select the line thickness according to what you want on the width menu. Next, in the preview section, click on the position of the line below. Don't forget to click OK! If you are confused, please see the image below.

4-custom 4-custom

6. Done. Well, look at the line drawing on the letterhead below.

5-result 5-result

b. shapes

1. Select the Insert menu, then click Shapes. After that, various shapes appear such as rectangles, basic shapes, lines, block arrows, etc. Since you will make a line for letterhead, select it in the Line section, adjust the line to your needs.

shapes-line shapes-line

2. Draw a straight line just below the writing that you will make the letterhead. Next, to make the line bold, select the format menu. 3-format 3-format

3. Select the line style in the shape styles section. Please choose a thick black line. To see the results, look at the image below.

4-shape styles 4-shape styles

2. Making a frame

1. Same as the previous method, click the Design menu on the menu bar above.

how to make a line in word 2013 how to make a line in word 2013

2. Then, select the Page borders section.

3. After that, a dialog pop-up menu appears which consists of three sub-menus, namely borders, page borders, and shading. Because you want to create a frame, you will automatically choose a page border to insert a line at the edge of each page, you can say it's like a frame.

how to make a line in word 2010 how to make a line in word 2010

4. After that, set the line thickness on the width menu, don't forget in the preview section, you have to activate the four available borders. Finally, click Ok.

2-style 2-style

5. The results of the outline will be like the image below.

how to make a line in word how to make a line in word

6. You can also make the frame more varied, such as adding art to the line. In the art section, you can choose any image you want according to your needs.

art art

7. After that, the result will be like the image below.

how to make a line in word how to make a line in word

So many line functions that you can apply to documents. Some of them are how to make letterhead and frames on Microsoft Word as explained above. You can use these lines for a number of purposes, such as connecting between schematics in the form of a diagram. Hopefully useful and can be creative according to what you need. Thank you and good luck with the tutorial on how to make a line in Word above!


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