2 Ways to Make WhatsApp Invisible Online You Can Do

2 Ways to Make WhatsApp Invisible Online You Can Do
Geekers -  Who doesn't know this Messenger app? This application uses internet data packages to stay connected so that it can share files, exchange photos, chat and so on. The instant messaging application that was originally created for iPhone users is now available on various other cross-platforms.

Now, WhatsApp is increasingly presenting its newest features in version releases from year to year. This consistent development has made WhatsApp the best instant messaging application in the eyes of its users. It is with these innovations that make WhatsApp the choice of many people in all social status circles.

How to Setting WhatsApp So It Doesn't Seem Online

If you are a WhatsApp user, you must be familiar with seeing Online writing when you are in a chat room.

Every online user will be seen when their chat friends are in the chat room. Some of you may not want someone to find out that you are online. Then how do you prevent WhatsApp from appearing online? Let's see the explanation below.

Method 1: Set the Last Seen/Last seen feature or the last time you were online

One of the most useful WhatsApp features is the Last Seen feature. With this feature, WhatsApp will tell us which contacts were recently online and set to automatically display the last time we were online.

The way to prevent your WhatsApp from being seen online is by setting Last Seen on your WhatsApp privacy to Nobody. Now, with this setting, your WhatsApp will no longer be visible when it was last online. It should also be noted, if you do not share or share your Last Seen, then you also cannot see the Last Seen of other people or your contacts. Just follow these steps:

1. Open your WhatsApp application > then select the menu icon in the upper right corner or you can see it in the area indicated by the red arrow below.

how to make whatsapp invisible online how to make whatsapp invisible online

2. Then select the Settings or Settings section.

2 - select settings 2 - select settings

3. Then select the first part, namely Account or Account.

how to make whatsapp invisible online how to make whatsapp invisible online

4. Then select Privacy or Privacy settings.

how to prevent whatsapp from being seen online by other people how to make whatsapp not be seen online by other people

5. Please select Last Seen.

5 - select last seen 5 - select last seen

6. Then select the Nobody option so that your Last Seen is not visible to anyone.

how to make whatsapp invisible online easily how to make whatsapp invisible online easily

Method 2: Setting up Internet Connection

The method above is how your Last Seen status is not visible. In other words, other people will not know if you have just been Online on the WhatsApp application. However, the method above will not remove your Online status. There is one trick you can use if you really want to not appear to be online.

  1. If you want to reply or read a message without knowing that your status is online, then you must first turn off your internet connection.

  2. Next, please reply or read the message. In this way, you will not be seen online by other people when you are replying or reading the message.

  3. If you have finished replying or reading messages, please exit the WhatsApp application and then turn on your internet connection again so that the message you replied to will be sent. And your WhatsApp will not appear to be online or just online (last seen feature above).

Easy isn't it how to get rid of online writing on WhatsApp? You can implement the method above if you don't want to be caught online by your chat friends. So, your contacts will always appear as Offline instead of Online. The conclusion is that the Last Seen feature that is set can only get rid of writing when you were last online.

So, if you really want to not be seen as Online, you can try the second way. There are several ways to prevent WhatsApp from appearing online. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Keep visiting Smashingeek for more interesting and up-to-date information. Good luck!


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