2 Ways to Reduce PDF Size Without Application Help, Do you Know?

2 Ways to Reduce PDF Size Without Application Help, Do you Know?

Geekers - .COM – One of the most widely used documents is in PDF format, especially for official publications. Example: Journals, E-books, or official letters circulating on the internet. All devices have been provided with a PDF Reader to read the PDF file.

Documents in PDF format are indeed superior to other formats so that people can call them digital books. Images and writing are neatly arranged so that they are easy to read rather than having to open them in the often messy Word format.

However, the size of this pdf file can be much larger when compared to other formats, especially if it contains a lot of images. Large file sizes certainly eat up your hard disk capacity quickly and also require a lot of quota and take a long time to upload to the internet.

2 Ways to Shrink PDF File Size

So, for that you need to know how to reduce the size of a PDF so it's lighter to download and doesn't take up a lot of your memory. There are 2 ways to do this, namely by using online tools and software. Come on, see the following explanation.

1. Using Online Tools

1. Open iLovePDF via your browser. Click here to access the online tool.

2. After the page opens, select the Compress PDF menu to reduce the PDF size.

how to reduce PDF size with online tools how to reduce PDF size with online tools

3. Before we enter the file to be compressed, please first look at the size of the PDF file. For example, here I am using a PDF with a file size of 2.31 MB. Then, click Select PDF files or drop the PDF onto the page. Look at the image below.

1-view file drop-size 1-view file drop-size

4, After the file has been successfully uploaded, click Recommendation Compression which is located on the Compression level menu. Here we use the compression level recommended by the online tool. Don't forget to click Compress PDF at the bottom of the browser page. how to reduce PDF size with ILovePDF how to reduce PDF size with ILovePDF

5. Wait until the PDF file has been successfully compressed. Now, after that, download the PDF file by clicking Download compressed PDF. 3-download pdf 3-download pdf

6. Done! Now you can see that the PDF file has changed in size to 1.6 MB.

4-results-online 4-results-online

2. Using Software

1. Download and install the Free Pdf Compressor Application here.

2. Open the Free PDF Compressor application that you installed earlier. Then, click browse to select the PDF file to be compressed. This time, I'll use a PDF file like the one above. how to reduce PDF size with software how to reduce PDF size with software

3. After that, you can choose what size the PDF will be compressed in the Settings menu. Choose according to your needs, yes! 2-select-compress 2-select-compress

4. Wait for it to finish until there is a notification like the image below. Click OK. 3-OK 3-OK

5. Now, the compressed file will be reduced to 1.91 MB. how to reduce PDF size how to reduce PDF size

How, isn't it easy to reduce the PDF size? That's how to reduce PDF size. You don't need to worry anymore if you have a large PDF document. Enjoy trying the tutorial above. Thank you and hope it is useful! Don't forget to share it with other friends, who knows they might need it.


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