2 Ways to See Connected Wifi Passwords on Android

2 Ways to See Connected Wifi Passwords on Android

Geekers - Two ways to easily see connected wifi passwords on Android, can be applied to all cellphone brands

The Wifi network is our savior network to be able to save quota anywhere. Its existence is always sought by the community both at home, cafes, restaurants and other places.

The Wifi network is currently also an attraction for a place to hang out, because with the Wifi network visitors will be able to freely enjoy the internet network. So they can play games, work and play social media.

Usually, if we want to know the wifi password in a cafe, we have to ask a waiter who works there.

And what if one day our friends want to know the Wifi password from the cafe? If we forget the password, now we no longer need to ask the same question again to the waiters who work there. We can find out the Wifi password that has connected on our Android. You can follow several methods below.

How to See Connected Wifi Passwords on Android

Did you know that we can see the connected wifi password on Android? This method will be very useful if you have used the Wifi network before and want to share it with your friends or colleagues. So you don't need to question again what the Wifi password is in that place. In this article, we will discuss how to see the connected Wifi password on Android.

1. Through the Admin Router

You can use this method if you are using a Wifi network that uses a router. You can try it by using the router admin page. Here's how to see the connected Wifi password on Android.

1. Open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.

2. Then enter the WiFi menu.


3. Enter the WiFi network that you are currently using. Then click on the IP address used, namely


4. Then you will be redirected to the browser and click Enter.


5. Then enter the router admin account by typing admin into the Account form and also typing admin in the password form. Then click Login. If you can't, then you can fill it in with the word user in the two forms. Then click the Login button.


6. So now you can see the password from the Wifi that you are currently using.

2. Using the WiFi Router Application

Currently there are lots of applications that you can use to see the password of the Wifi network that you are currently using. One of them is the WiFi Router application. You can rely on this application because this application is very easy for you to use.

But it should be underlined that this application can detect Wifi passwords if you have installed this application first on your Android smartphone. That way, this application can tell you the password that is on the Wifi network. Here's how to see the Wifi network password using the Wifi Router application.

1. The first step you have to do is open the Play Store application on your smartphone. Then look for the Wifi Router Settings application. Click the Install button on the application.


2. Then click the Router Settings menu. And in that menu you can see all the information about the Wifi network you are using, including the Wifi password.


Thus the article that explains how to view connected WiFi passwords on Android. Hopefully this article can help you in viewing WiFi passwords.


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