3 Proven Ways to Save Quota on Windows 11

3 Proven Ways to Save Quota on Windows 11

Geekers - In today's all-digital era, it requires us to explore more in the internet world. Because all needs such as studying to work are now digitized. So many people are learning to use the internet. To connect to the internet, we can take advantage of cellphone and wifi quotas.

But not everywhere we can enjoy wifi service. Therefore, we must use mobile phones as internet transmitters. The trick is to activate the hotspot thatering feature. You need to pay attention, using the internet on a laptop or computer is very different from a cellphone.

Internet use on laptops or computers is quite high compared to cellphones. This is because the laptop or computer is capable of loading all the information that can drain the quota. Examples include videos and pictures. But don't worry, you can still save quota on Windows 11.

How to Save Quota on Windows 11

Internet quota is very important on cellphones, because without a quota our activities will decrease when playing cellphones. As you know, nowadays all the information we get through the internet. So, therefore internet quota is the most important factor in a mobile phone.

For those of you who want to save more on quota usage in Windows 11, of course it can be done easily. Here are some ways to save quota on Windows 11.

List of contents

   * How to Save Quota on Windows 11

   * 1. Activate Metered Connection

   * 2. Disabling Delivery Optimization

   * 3. Disable Update on Microsoft Store

1. Activate Metered Connection

Metered connection is a feature that can limit the internet bandwidth used by a computer. Therefore, we must activate this feature if we want to save quota on Windows 11.

1. First, click the Wifi icon located on the taskbar. Then click the left arrow button on the Wifi you are using.

click the left arrow button click the left arrow button

2. Then the Wifi that you are using will appear. Click the warning icon indicated by the red arrow.

appears Wifi appears Wifi

3. Then in the metered connection section, slide the toggle to On.

how to save quota on Windows 11 how to save quota on Windows 11

2. Disabling Delivery Optimization

Updates to information systems and applications can eat up quite a lot of internet quota. Therefore, we must disable the update of an information system and applications that are in it. Here's how to disable Delivery Optimization.

1. Click the Start menu and then select the Settings menu contained therein. See the red arrow below.

Settings menu Settings menu

2. Then the Settings window will appear as shown below. Look on the left side where there are various menus. Click the Windows Update menu. After that, look on the right side and click the Advanced options menu.

click the Advanced options menu click the Advanced options menu

3. Scroll down until you find the Additional options section, and click the Delivery Optimization menu.

Delivery Optimization menu Delivery Optimization menu

4. You will be taken to the Delivery Optimization menu. In the Allow downloads from other PCs section, slide the toggle off.

save quota on the latest Windows 11 save quota on the latest Windows 11

3. Disable Updates on the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is where we download applications that we can use on Windows computers. However, the update feature on the Microsoft Store often eats up our internet quota. This is due to the large number of updates.

To overcome automatic updates on Microsoft Store, you can disable it very easily. Follow the steps below.

1. Search for Microsoft Store in the Windows search engine. Then when you have found it, click on the Microsoft Store application.

Microsoft Store apps Microsoft Store apps

2. Then click the account icon and select the App Settings menu.

App Settings menu App Settings menu

3. In the App Settings menu, make sure you have disabled the App Updates toggle as shown below.

how to save quota on windows 11 how to save quota on windows 11

That's how to save quota on Windows 11. In the above way, you can minimize the internet usage that you use on a Windows computer. Hopefully this article is useful.


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