3 Ways to Open Folder Options in Windows 10 for Beginners

3 Ways to Open Folder Options in Windows 10 for Beginners

Geekers - – Have you ever set the display of folders or files in Windows Explorer? If not, then to set the appearance of the folder you need to open the folder options in Windows 10 first.

Inside the Folder Options, you can find all kinds of settings to add information, change the appearance and behavior of folders and files. To set it, you can toggle the option on or off.

Generally the Folder Options feature is often used to be able to display hidden and super hidden files and folders. These hidden features are usually also carried out by people who want to keep a folder or file secret, and can be carried out by computer viruses. If you want to display the extension of a file as well, you can do it using this Folder Options. In this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to open the options folder in Windows 10.

How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10

Another definition of Folder Options is a special dialog that functions to be able to change preferences and settings from the appearance of folders and files contained in Windows Explorer.

With the folder option we can hide folders and files, display thumbnails and so on. You can also apply these settings to all folders on your computer. In Folder Options there are 3 tabs in it, namely View, General and Search.

File Explorer can also be customized in many ways. Users can change the template of the folders in it, such as changing the appearance of different files, providing a special icon for each folder, and placing Ribbon instructions on the toolbar so that it can be accessed quickly.

In order to customize or adjust the behavior and appearance of File Explorer, you can use the dialog box from the File Explorer Options. Here are several ways to display or open Folder Options in Windows 10.

1. Using the Control Panel

Control Panel is a part of Microsoft Windows which is a management tool that allows users to manage tasks and modify settings contained in software or hardware on a computer or laptop.

The examples of using the control panel are like being able to set mouse functions, set displays, set printers and keyboards, and can set folder views. And through the control panel, you can also open the options folder. Here is the full explanation.

1. The first step you take is to click the search button in Windows and type Control Panel in the search engine. After that, the Control Panel application will appear. Click on the application.

file folder options file folder options

2. After that, in the View by section, click the Category button. Then several options will appear. To bring up the File Options menu, select the Small icons option.

How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10 How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10

3. As you can see, we can now find the File Explorer Options menu via the Control Panel.

option file option file

2. Using Windows Search

We can find all kinds of files and applications contained in the computer by using the search. Well, Microsoft Windows also has a search engine that we can use to display applications and files. We can also search for File Explorer Options in the Windows search engine. Here's the tutorial.

1. Click the lup icon at the bottom of your desktop display, then type File Explorer Options. Then File Explorer Options will appear as shown below.

option file option file

2. Below is a display of the File Explorer Options Window.

How to Open File Explorer Options in Windows 10 How to Open File Explorer Options in Windows 10

3. Using File Explorer

File explorer is a place where we can see all the data contained on our computer. We can search for it based on the location of the folder we named. In File Explorer, we can also open File Explorer Options. Here's how to open File Options using File Explorer.

1. Open the File Explorer application, then click the File menu and click the Change folder and search options option.

option file option file

2. Then your computer directory file window will appear. After that, click the View menu located at the top of the toolbar. Then in the View menu, click on the Options menu. Then select the option Change folder and Search Options.

file options file options

Thus the article that explains how to open the options folder in Windows 10. You can open File Options on your computer using one of the methods above.

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