3 Ways to Open Notepad in Windows 11 (Complete+Image)

3 Ways to Open Notepad in Windows 11 (Complete+Image)

Geekers - Step by step for how to easily open notepad in Windows 11

– Are you one of those people who likes to write things down? If so, then you must be familiar with the Notepad feature in the Windows environment. Because this Notepad feature is the most common feature and has been available for a long time in the Windows operating system environment.

Notepad is also known as a text editor application. Where in this application you can edit a text file on a Windows computer. You can write something on this application. So that you can use this application as a note application if you need it.

If you are someone who likes to create simple applications using a programming language, you can use Notepad as a text editor to design a programming language.

However, Notepad has few features to do that. You can use other applications if you want to create programming language text.

How To Open Notepad In Windows 11

Although Notepad is included in the class of text editors, this application is not as complex as the Microsoft Word application. You can only create simple text via Notepad. Unlike Microsoft Word, you can set the writing be it font, text size, bullet point and so on.

Therefore, this application is only suitable for you to use to create simple texts such as notes. Even with such limitations, it doesn't make this application forgotten by Windows users. Because this application is always used by users when they need it. Here's how to open notepad in Windows 11.

1. Through the Run Feature

Run is a feature that allows us to execute existing tools on a Windows computer. With this feature, we can open the Notepad application easily.

1. To bring up the Run feature, you have to click Windows key + R via your computer keyboard. After the Run feature appears, please type the notepad command. And click the OK button.

click windows + R click windows + R

2. So it won't take long for the Notepad feature to appear as shown below. Now you can use it to type anything in it.

How to Open Notepad on Windows 11 Easily How to Open Notepad on Windows 11 Easily

2. Through the Command Prompt

Command Prompt or commonly known as CMD is one of the features available on Windows computers. With this feature, you can translate command line in Windows environment. Therefore, you can also display notepad in this command prompt application.

1. Before displaying Notepad using the Command Prompt, you must bring up the Run feature first. The trick is to click the Windows key + R on the keyboard. After that type the CMD command and click the OK button.

click Windows + R click Windows + R

2. Type the Notepad command in the Command Prompt. And click the Enter button on your keyboard.

How to Open Notepad on Windows 11 via CMD How to Open Notepad on Windows 11 via CMD

3. After a while, the Notepad application will appear as shown below. You can use it as a note when attending meetings, presentations or seminars.

Notepad appears Notepad appears

3. Through This PC

This PC is a directory in the Windows file explorer. Usually in that directory there are various kinds of files stored on your computer. Not only that, you can also display Notepad through the This PC directory. Here are the steps.

1. Open a file explorer on your computer. Then enter Windows (C:).

right click right click

2. After that go to the Windows folder.

click windows click windows

3. Then enter the System32 folder.

How to open Notepad in Windows 11 via File Explorer How to open Notepad in Windows 11 via File Explorer

4. Then double click on Notepad.

click notepad click notepad

5. The notepad application appears in a few moments. Now you can use it according to your needs such as creating a command line using a programming language or make it a place to make notes.

Notepad appears Notepad appears

Those are the 3 ways to display notepad in Windows 11. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and can be a solution for you.


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