Beginner's Guide: How to Use PowerPoint Fundamentally

Beginner's Guide: How to Use PowerPoint Fundamentally

Geekers - For everyone whose job is teaching or doing business, of course they know Microsoft PowerPoint well. PowerPoint is a platform provided by Microsoft to present a result in the form of important points so that it is easier for the audience to understand. So, later these points will be divided into several slides because it is impossible for one slide to hold so much material.

Even so, for people who have never known this term or have never used it, they must be confused about how to use PowerPoint.

So, in the following, we will explain how to make good PowerPoint for beginners, starting from creating slides, deleting slides, adding animations or transitions to PowerPoint. Let's see the explanation below.

How to Use PowerPoint on PC / Laptop

The first time you have to do is open the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Next, select the template that you will use in the slide. If you don't want to use a template, you can choose Blank Presentation.

how to use powerpoint how to use powerpoint

1. Create slides

After selecting the presentation worksheet, you can create a new slide by selecting the New Slide section in the menu above. Then, various types of slides will appear. Choose slides according to your presentation needs.

how to use powerpoint how to use powerpoint

2. Delete slides

Type the wrong slide type, you can also delete the slide. To do this, first click the slide that will be deleted on the left sidebar. Then, press the delete menu on the keyboard which is located at the top right corner. Then, the slide will be removed from the sidebar. Alternatively, select the slide to be deleted in the left sidebar, then right-click until a pop-up menu appears, select Delete Slide. pay attention to the picture below.

basic how to use powerpoint basic how to use powerpoint

3. Giving Animation

To beautify your presentation slides, you can also use animations to make your presentation more lively. To do this, click on the text or image that will be animated, then select the Animations menu on the menu bar above. Look at the picture below.

If you want to know more about how to use animation in PowerPoint, there is a tutorial that is more complete. Please read here.

4. Give Transition

What's the point of transitions with animations? If animation is used to beautify the content in a slide, then the transition serves to provide animation when moving slides from one to another.

Then, how do you use transitions on PowerPoint slides? pay attention to the picture below.

   * Select the slide that you will give the transition effect. Then, click on the Transition section. Then, choose what animation to apply from the slide.

how to use powerpoint how to use powerpoint

   * You can also add transition effects to the Effect options section.

   * To change slides between slides, you can also add sound effects to the Sound section. Choose a sound that fits the content of your presentation material.

Image 38 Image 38

Maybe that's all the basics you can use to make your presentation slides not so flat. Hopefully useful and can be applied easily in everyday life. Thank you and good luck with the tutorial on how to use PowerPoint above!


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