Easy Solution: How to Show Missing IDM Button on YouTube

Easy Solution: How to Show Missing IDM Button on YouTube

Geekers - YouTube is endless entertainment. As long as you can be connected to the internet, during that time you can watch videos on YouTube without a time limit. From morning to night, YouTube is always there. Every now and then, YouTube is also full of new, refreshing videos. Personal vlogs, family vlogs, music, comedy, short films, documentaries, sports, games and all kinds of other videos are available on YouTube.

The lure of income from YouTube is indeed very large. There have been many success stories of YouTubers who have been able to earn millions of rupiah from the site. Automatically, people are competing to create content for YouTube so that the number of videos on the site continues to grow.

How to Show Missing IDM Button on YouTube

Many of the videos are so interesting that it would be a shame not to download them. On the YouTube site, there is no feature for downloading videos, but this problem can be overcome by using software.

The most popular choice in Indonesia for downloading YouTube videos is IDM. It's really convenient to use IDM because you don't need to copy and paste the video URL to download it. Every time you open a video on YouTube, the IDM button appears automatically around the video.

You don't need to set anything to make the IDM button appear on the YouTube site. After IDM is installed, the button will appear by itself on the site, unless there is a problem. At certain moments, the IDM button can just disappear. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it disappears, or it never appears again forever. Here is a solution for how to display the missing IDM button on Youtube.

1. First of all you need to add IDM add-ons in your browser. For example, here I use Google Chrome. Click the following link to add IDM add-ons to Google Chrome.

how to show idm button on youtube how to show idm button on youtube

2. If you get a popup like this, just select Add extension.

how to show idm button in chrome how to show idm button in chrome

3. Please open the YouTube video that you want to download. Later an IDM download button will appear as shown below. If it doesn't appear, try refreshing the YouTube video page again.

Displays IDM Button 3 Displays IDM Button 3

4. Select the video resolution you want.

how to show missing idm button on youtube how to show missing idm button on youtube

5. If the IDM button still doesn't appear, you need to make some settings in the IDM application. Open the IDM application then go to the Downloads > Options menu.

how to show idm button on google chrome how to show idm button on google chrome

6. Check the Use advanced browser integration section and check all available browsers. Finally select OK.

Displays IDM 6 Button Displays IDM 6 Button

Via the IDM button that appears on Youtube or other video sites, you can select the resolution of the video you want to download. The selected videos will then be downloaded by IDM to a temporary folder in segments. Once all the video segments have been downloaded, they will be merged and moved to the destination folder. If there is a sudden need so that you have to turn off the computer while the download is running, then you can continue the download again at a later time.

The final word

IDM is not the only solution for downloading videos. Many already know this fact but are reluctant to try. In fact, browser extensions and userscripts are no less good. The average also provides a download button that appears when a YouTube video is watched and supports HD videos.

Indeed, until now, there are still no extensions and userscripts that can download videos in several segments like IDM, but the difference in speed is not so pronounced if you already have an internet connection with a fairly high speed. And most importantly, all of these extensions and userscripts are free, unlike IDM which costs hundreds of thousands of rupiah for 1 PC. You can use pirated versions, but the risk is quite high because your computer can be infected with malware.


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