Easy Way to Change Language in Windows 11

Easy Way to Change Language in Windows 11

Geekers - Microsoft Windows is an operating system that is widely used by many people. Windows users cover almost all over the world. Therefore, Windows presents various languages in its operating system.

However, the common language of Microsoft Windows is English. This is because English is a universal language throughout the world. English is a language that bridges all individuals in various parts of the world.

In Microsoft Windows itself, you can change the language used. That way, users who do not understand and are not fluent in English can use this operating system properly.

Microsoft Windows is also very user friendly. So to change the language in Microsoft Windows, you can do it very easily.

Easy Way to Change Language in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows operating system which was just released some time ago. One of the charms of Windows 11 is that it has a very elegant, professional and functional appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are interested in this one operating system.

In use, the Windows 11 operating system is the same as Windows 10. However, in Windows 11 there are several different menus and displays that are different from Windows 10. Not everyone knows this, so it makes users confused and confused when looking for it.

Windows 11 is also very good for you to use at work, because the appearance of existing file icons is made more professional and the default size is larger than before. That way, it will be very easy for you to find files and documents that you will use.

On Windows 11 itself, you can also change the existing language. The method is very easy, you don't need to do long steps or methods. Because with Windows 11, the whole process and settings have been made simpler and more practical.

You can follow several steps on how to change the language in Windows 11. Follow these methods with the image instructions below.

1. To change the language in Windows 11, you must bring up the settings window first. The trick is to click the Start menu on the task bar, then click the Settings icon as shown below.

Click settings Click settings

2. In the Settings menu, there are many menus in it. Look on the left side, there are various kinds of menus that appear there. Click the Time & Language menu.

Changing Language in Windows 11 Via Time & Language Changing Language in Windows 11 Via Time & Language

3. In the Time & Language menu, click the Language & Region menu.

click language click language

4. Then when you are in the Language & Region menu, look at the Preferred languages section. Click the blue Add a language button. This button functions to add other languages into your Windows operating system.

click add language click add language

5. Then a list box will appear which languages you can install into Windows 11. Here, you can select the language you want to install. To speed up the search process, you can search for the language you want by typing it in the Type a language name form.

If you have found it, then you can click on the language you want. For example, here I want to install Indonesian on my Windows 11 computer. After that click the Next button.

How to change the language on Windows 11 to Indonesian How to change the language on Windows 11 to Indonesian

6. Well, now the language on your Windows 11 has changed. To see the changes, you just have to restart your computer. If it is turned on again, your computer language will automatically change to the language you previously selected.

That's how to change the language in Windows 11. You can do the methods above very easily. Hopefully this article can give you the best solution.


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