Fix NBA 2K21 Crashing and Freezing on PC

Fix NBA 2K21 Crashing and Freezing on PC
Fix NBA 2K21 Crashing and Freezing on PC 
There are several things you can try if you're experiencing crashing or freezing in NBA 2K21 on PC:

Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for NBA 2K21. The game may not run properly on a system that doesn't meet these requirements.

Update your graphics drivers to the latest version. Outdated drivers can cause issues with games.

Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. Sometimes, updates can fix crashing or freezing issues.

Verify the game files to ensure they are not corrupt. To do this, follow these steps:

In Steam, right-click on NBA 2K21 and select "Properties"
Go to the "Local Files" tab and click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
Wait for the process to complete, then try launching the game again.
Close any other applications running in the background. This can help free up resources and prevent crashing or freezing.

Try disabling any overlays or third-party software that may be running in the background, such as MSI Afterburner or Discord.

If you're using a laptop, make sure it's plugged in and running on high performance power settings. Laptops can sometimes struggle to run games on battery power.

Try lowering the graphics settings in the game. If your PC is having trouble running the game at high settings, lowering the settings can help improve performance.

Check the game's support page or forum for any known issues and see if there are any workarounds or patches available.

If none of these steps help, you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This can sometimes fix issues with the game files.

I hope these suggestions help! If you're still experiencing issues, you may want to consider reaching out to the game's support team for further assistance.

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