Guaranteed Success! Here's How to Remove Old Windows in Windows 10

Guaranteed Success! Here's How to Remove Old Windows in Windows 10

Geekers - What is Old Windows? How to remove Old Windows in Windows 10? Maybe you are still not too familiar with this name. Even if you understand, of course this folder is one of the folders that irritates you because it does take up a lot of hard drive capacity.

It's no wonder that when you pay attention to the capacity of your HDD Drive, you will be surprised because the hard disk capacity is suddenly low while there are not many folders or files on the Drive.

Therefore, we will provide a complete explanation of the meaning, causes, and how to remove windows.o.d in Windows 10. Even so, the method that we will explain later can actually be applied to other Windows operating systems, whether it's Win 8 or Windows 7.

List of contents

   * How to Remove Old Windows in Windows 10

   * What causes Windows.old to appear?

   * Old Windows functions

How to Remove Old Windows in Windows 10

1. Windows Old or windows.old is a data or file that contains the application you installed or the previous operating system. That is, when you finish doing the reinstall. This windows.old file will not disappear. Even this file contains the operating system that you previously used.

delete windows.old 1 remove windows.old 1

2. If you right-click the Windows.old folder and then select Properties, the size of the folder will appear, which is quite large, which is above 10GB. Of course this will make your C: partition full quickly.

delete windows.old 2 remove windows.old 2

3. To delete the Windows.old folder, first right-click Local Disk (C:) then select Properties.

delete windows.old 3 remove windows.old 3

4. Next select Disk Cleanup.

delete windows.old 4 delete windows.old 4

5. After that select Clean up system files.

delete windows.old 5 remove windows.old 5

6. Wait for this process for a while.

delete windows.old 6 remove windows.old 6

7. A display will appear as shown below. Scroll down a bit then look for and check the words Previous Windows installation(s). Next select OK.

delete windows.old 7 remove windows.old 7

8. If you get a notification like this, just select Delete Files.

delete windows.old 8 remove windows.old 8

9. Success. We have successfully deleted the Windows.old folder.

delete windows.old 9 remove windows.old 9

What Causes Windows.old to Appear?

This question is often asked by some people who feel strange why this folder or file suddenly appears. This file really sucks up a large enough amount of hard drive capacity. Even though you can still use the hard drive capacity for other, more useful purposes.

There are actually 2 reasons why windows.old appears. The first reason is when you are installing the operating system and have entered the hard disk formatting section. You there may forget not to format the hard drive C or system. Maybe at that time you directed the installation directly to drive C without previously clicking format or clicking delete.

Indeed, the installation process can run normally and smoothly. However, problems arise when the installation process is complete where you will find suspicious files that are consuming your hard disk space. The second reason can also be caused because you previously updated Windows. Usually, after completing a Windows update, you suddenly find Windows.old, which you may not realize is sucking up your hard drive capacity.

Old Windows Functions

Then what exactly is the use of windows.old? Based on the information that we previously explained, indirectly windows.old is nothing more than a nuisance that causes the hard disk capacity to decrease. But basically the operating system creates windows.old not without reason. The use or function of windows.old is a solution for those of you who are worried that your data will be lost when you reinstall it.

Maybe at that time you have very important data and you forgot to transfer it. Indeed, there are still several other ways you can do to save your files. But windows.old is the best alternative and you can easily do it without the help of third-party applications.


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