Guide on How to Flash LG G Pro 2 D838 Very Easily, 100% Guaranteed Success!

Guide on How to Flash LG G Pro 2 D838 Very Easily, 100% Guaranteed Success!

Geekers - This time I will explain how to easily flash the HP LG G Pro 2 D838, even ordinary people, God willing, can do it. Starting from fun, I hacked the system on my HP LG G Pro 2, which damaged my HP system and didn't work normally. When the cellphone is turned on, only the LG logo appears, it doesn't want to enter the main screen.

Actually, I've flashed an LG G Pro 2 before, but I didn't have time to make a tutorial because it was really urgent at the time, I needed this cellphone ASAP. So it just so happened that this time I want to flash the LG G Pro 2 while I make a tutorial. Who knows, someone may suffer the same fate as me, just messing around with the HP system but when they get an error, they're confused, they don't know how to flash it, hahaha.

How to Flash LG G Pro 2 D838

Before flashing your LG G Pro 2, make sure you have prepared the combat tools such as the LG driver, the LG G Flash Tool application and the firmware file (.kdz). If you don't have these files yet, you can download them via the link below:

   * LG Flash Tool 2014 (3.12 MB)

   * Firmware LG G Pro 2 D838 (1.1GB)

   * LG Drivers (10.91MB)


1. First of all, install the LG United Mobile Driver on your PC / laptop.

2. Next, we have to make your cellphone enter download mode. Make sure the HP is off. Press and hold the volume up button then connect to the PC using the USB cable. Display download mode more or less like the picture below:

flash 1 flash 1

3. Open the LG Flash Tool 2014 application. Then click the folder icon (no. 1) to insert the firmware file (.KDZ). If you have clicked CSE Flash (no. 2).

second step second step

4. Then click Start.

third step third step

5. In the Country column, select Different Country. Then in the Language column select English, then click OK. If no options appear in the Language column, that's okay, just select OK.

fourth step fourth step

6. Do not remove the USB cable and wait for the flashing process to finish (100%). Your cellphone will reboot by itself.

fifth step fifth step

7. The flashing process is complete. Hooray.

flash 2 flash 2

After finishing flashing your LG cellphone, make sure you update the default HP applications and other important applications such as Google Play Service etc. My advice is to use a WiFi connection when updating applications, if you use an HP quota, I'm afraid it will run out, hahaha.

That's a tutorial on how to flash the LG G Pro 2 D838, good luck and if you have trouble flashing the LG G Pro 2, don't hesitate to ask via the comment box below.

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