Guide on How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop for Beginners, Let's Try It!

Guide on How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop for Beginners, Let's Try It!

Geekers - Playstation is a game console that has attracted the interest of its users from the past until now. As time goes by, Playstation or what is often abbreviated as PS will continue to experience development. Do you still remember in the 2000s many people loved the PS1?

Popular PS1 games include Harvest Moon, Gundam Battle Assault, Grandia and so on. If you want to play PS1 games, you don't need to worry anymore because you can follow how to play PS1 on a PC / Laptop.

That way, you can be satisfied to try and play the famous legendary PS1 game like Harvest moon. Feel nostalgic with games on PS1 to your heart's content. But before that, you also have to download emulators, games, and other tools to be able to play them on your computer or laptop.

How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop for Beginners

Long before there were online games like today, children and adults used to play game consoles called the Playstation 1. Playstation is a game console developed by the Sony company in the 1990s. This game attracts a lot of user interest because of its simple and full of intrigue gameplay. So that children and adults are very happy to play it.

Playstation also continues to grow and develop according to the times. Just now, Playstation has released a series of game consoles, from Playstation 1 to Playstation 4. And Sony is currently also planning to release the latest series of game consoles, namely the Playstation 5 in the near future.

The quality of the graphics and the variety of games from the various Playstation series have also experienced significant development. You can see from the latest playstation games like today they often have games with a high level of complexity. In contrast to the PlayStation 1 which is still simple. If you are getting bored when playing the latest PS games, then you can play PS1 games on your computer. Here's how to play PS1 on a PC/laptop.

How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop

To be able to play PS1 games on a PC/laptop, we have to download emulators, games and game files in ISO format. Here I include the download links for the three files.


   + PS1 Emulator (Choose EPSX)

   +PS1 BIOS


1. If you have downloaded the three files above. Then extract the emulator files and PS1 Game files that you will play. After that, create two folders named PS1 Emulator and PS1 Game List. Move the PS1 emulator and Bios files to the PS1 Emulator folder. And move the PS1 Game file to the PS1 Game List folder. Keep in mind that, the folder that is still in the rar archive must be extracted first.


2. Open the PS1 Emulator folder. Click the ePSX.exe file.

How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop How to Play PS1 on PC / Laptop

3. After that, the PS1 emulator application will appear and click the Config menu > Plugins > Video.


4. In the select main video Plugin section, select Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0. After clicking the Configure button.


5. Adjust in the Fillscreenmode section, select 1360 x 768 and Color depth 32 bit. In the internal x and internal y resolution, you can choose according to the state of your PC. Here I choose for Very high and ultra high resolution. In the Framerate section, click the tick on the Use FPS Limit and Auto-detect FPS/Frame skipping limit options. Then click OK.

How to Play PS1 on a Windows PC How to Play PS1 on a Windows PC

6. Then you will return to the Video Config window, click OK.


7. Click the Config menu again, then select the Bios menu.


8. Click Select in the bios config window.


9. Enter the PS1 Emulator folder, then enter the bios folder again. Click on the bios file that we downloaded earlier with the .bin extension.


10. Click OK on the Bios Config Window.


11. Then enter the Config menu again and click the GamePads menu, then select Port 1 and click Pad 1.

How to Play PS1 on a PC / Laptop Without an Emulator How to Play PS1 on a PC / Laptop without an Emulator

12. Select to be the keyboard and then you can change the settings on the game controls to your liking. then click Ok.


13. Next, go to the File menu and click Run ISO.


14. To play the game you have chosen, enter the PS1 Game List folder, then select the file with the .bin extension in it.


15. Well, now you can play PS1 games on your computer or laptop.


So, that's a tutorial or how to play PS1 on a PC / laptop. You can try it very easily. Because I have included the download link of the files needed to play PS1 games on your PC.

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