Guide on How to Use Jeta Logo Designer to Create a Logo for Beginners

Guide on How to Use Jeta Logo Designer to Create a Logo for Beginners

Geekers - This article is a continuation of the article on how to make a logo easily. As I said before, the steps for how to create a logo using the Jeta Logo Designer are quite long and it's impossible for me to explain everything in one page. Therefore, you can read the rest in the following article.

First we have to install Jeta Logo Designer. You can download it for free here. After that, install the software as usual then see the steps below to create a logo using the help of the Jeta Logo Designer software.

1. Open the Jeta Logo Designer application. Every time you open this application, you will be faced with a choice of logo templates that you can use as inspiration for your logo. There are many free logo templates that you can use. But if you want to make a logo from scratch, please choose New Blank Project.

2. You are asked to determine the size of the canvas. Immediately, select OK at this step.

3. There are several menus or tools that you may not know their function. Below is the function of each menu or tool found in Jeta Logo Designer.

   * Number 1: Here there is the File menu (for saving logos, saving projects, logo template lists, etc.), the Edit menu (for adding text, shapes, etc.), the Help menu (basic tutorials and info about software) and the Zoom Out/In tool.

   * Number 2: The Objects Library contains hundreds of icons that you can use to enhance your logo.

   * Number 3: Editing an object such as giving shadow and glow effects to text, adjusting object position and so on.

   * Number 4: Your worksheet.

   * Number 5: Color chart that you can use to change the color of an object.

4. To add text to your logo, select Edit > New Text.

5. As an example, I added text NESABA MEDIA. You can also choose the type of font you like in the Font column. In addition, you can also set the font to be bold (Bold), italic (italic) and spacing between letters (Char Spacing). If so, select Close.

6. More or less the text on my logo is like this.

7. You can also add icons according to your logo theme. There are hundreds of free icons that you can use on the Objects Library menu. To further edit the icon or text on your logo, use the Edit Selected Object(s) menu by first selecting which object (Icon / text) you want to edit. The function of each tool on the Edit Selected Object(s) menu is as follows:

   * Scale: set the size of an object.

   * Rotate: set the position of an object.

   * Colors: change the color of an object

   * Compose: set the location of an object, for example icon A is placed before text B.

   * Styles: apply effects to objects, such as shadow, glow, etc.

   * Text: change the type of font used.

8. After I finished editing the icon and text on my logo. The result is more or less like this. However, this isn't finished yet, I still want to add text below it.

9. So, below is the final result of my logo (after I give another text below it).

10. Generally (this is only optional, you can do it or not) a logo should have a transparent background. To change it, just right-click on your canvas area, then select Background.

11. In the Background column, select Transparent then OK.

12. Finally, just save your logo by clicking File > Save Image As.

Which method should you use?

How to make a logo both online and offline (using software) is almost as easy, depending on which method you are more comfortable with. If you ask me? I mostly use software to make logos. Sometimes, I've also made logos online, although it's very rare.

I deliberately teach tutorials that are easy, simple and not as complicated as using CorelDraw or Illustrator. Both of these software do offer features and tools that are much more complete, but you need quite a long time to master them. Hopefully, with the tutorial on how to make a logo above, you can make your own logo easily.


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