Guide to Installing Laptop or Computer Drivers Easily (for Beginners)

Guide to Installing Laptop or Computer Drivers Easily (for Beginners)

Geekers - As I explained in this article, so that PC or laptop hardware functions properly, you need to install the driver. This driver is used to bridge the operating system with your PC or laptop hardware.

Without drivers, it is impossible for the operating system to recognize and communicate with hardware such as LAN, Chipset, VGA and so on.

To install drivers on a PC, the most frequently used program is DriverPack Solution. This program contains millions of drivers which of course will be very helpful for computer users in installing their PC drivers.

Why DriverPack Solution?

I have no intention here to promote this software. Because this DriverPack Solution is really useful for computer users, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the computer world. Suppose you just bought a new laptop, you must have got the driver CD too, right? After that you need to install them one by one.

Well, usually the drivers that are included on the CD are out to date or the drivers are old versions. Maybe this is not a problem for some people. Now, the case that I often hear is that the driver CD is missing, they don't really understand how to install drivers, and so on. Therefore, this DriverPack Solution is a very appropriate choice.

List of contents

   * Why DriverPack Solution?

   * How come the file size is so big, bro?

   * How to Install Drivers with DriverPack Solution

How come the file size is so big?

As I said before that this program contains millions of drivers in their database, so it's no wonder the file is monster size, hehehe. In addition, the more up to date the version you are using, usually the larger the file size. You can download the latest DriverPack Solution via the following link.

How to Install Drivers with DriverPack Solution

Since this program has the .iso format, so to open it first, make sure you have installed a CD/DVD image file tool software such as PowerISO or DAEMON Tools.

1. First run the program as usual.

2. You will see the initial DriverPack Solution display as shown below. The version that I use is the 'pretty' new version. So like I said before, try to use the latest version.

How to Install Laptop or Computer Drivers How to Install Laptop or Computer Drivers

3. After the driver scanning process is complete, you will see the number of drivers to be installed. For example, on my brother's laptop there are 14 drivers to be installed. To install all of these drivers, just click the Install Automatically button.

select-install-automatically select-install-automatically

4. In the following step, please wait a few minutes. The length of time this process depends on how many drivers are installed.

progress progress

5. If all the drivers have been installed, you will see a display like the image below. Don't forget to reboot/restart your PC after all driver installation is complete.

How to Install Laptop / Computer Drivers How to Install Laptop / Computer Drivers

That's how to easily install computer and laptop drivers, even laymen, I think, can do it themselves. Suppose you prefer to download one driver at a time on the official website, that's fine.

It's not that I don't want to write about how to download drivers from the official website. The reason is how to download drivers for each laptop vendor is definitely different. Therefore, I highly recommend using this method to make it simpler and easier to understand.



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