Here's How the Edit Button on Twitter Will Work in the Future

Here's How the Edit Button on Twitter Will Work in the Future
Geekers -  Earlier this month, Twitter confirmed that it had been working on an Edit tweet button, which began a year ago, and gave no timetable for when the feature would be made available to users. Now, it looks like Twitter will be rolling out the new Edit button feature sometime soon, as they're reportedly testing the feature internally.

Thanks to his expertise in reverse engineering, Alessandro Paluzzi managed to get a glimpse of what the Twitter Edit button interface looks like. He also posted a few pictures on his Twitter account, which give us a closer look at how users will be able to edit their tweets when the feature becomes available to the public.

Twitter Edit Button Twitter Edit Button

Twitter Edit button

As seen from the screenshot above, the new Edit button becomes the second option, when you click on the three-dot menu located in the top-right corner of the tweet. Clicking the Edit button will take you to the drafts page, where you can re-type your tweet if you made some mistakes.

Twitter is concerned that the feature could be abused, and that's why the microblogging site may be able to maintain some aspects of transparency with users, by marking tweets as edited and even showing the edit history.

The ability to edit tweets will be available to Twitter Blue subscribers within the first few months of the feature, as the company wants to test the feature with them before making it available to the wider Twitter community.

Earlier this month, the Edit Twitter button feature emerged after Elon Musk conducted a poll whether the feature was appropriate to be presented to the social media or not. Then Twitter itself revealed that they were working on the feature

“We have been looking at how to create a secure editing feature for the past year, and plan to test it with Twitter Blue in the next few months. We will share our views on how we will develop the feature,� said Jay Sullivan, Twitter's Head of Consumer Product on April 5

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