Here's How Hackers Break into Users' Whatsapp Accounts

Here's How Hackers Break into Users' Whatsapp Accounts
Geekers -  The Whatsapp messaging application is the most popular application and is widely used by users in Indonesia. In line with this, cases of breaking into WhatsApp accounts by irresponsible parties have also been rife lately. Losses due to the hacking action were quite large, moreover some of the victims were known to be well-known figures.

Even though the WhatsApp security feature itself is claimed to be quite tight with the OTP code sent personally via the user's SIM number. But there are still loopholes that can be used by hackers to commit crimes to break into users' Whatsapp accounts. To be on the alert, take a look at some of the techniques hackers use to take over Whatsapp accounts.

Call Forwarding feature

Actually, this call forwarding feature is provided by the operator to make it easier for users to divert calls on their cell phones. The trick is to divert incoming calls to another number. Unfortunately, this Call Forwarding feature is one of the loopholes used by hackers to take over users' Whatsapp accounts.

One of the victims of a famous figure using the Call Forwarding method is artist Maia Estianty. Some time ago through his social media accounts, he initially admitted to getting calls from unknown numbers. The perpetrator asks the victim to activate the Call Forwarding feature using the *21 code and provides the perpetrator's number as the diversion destination

When the perpetrator's number has been used as the Call Forwarding destination number, the perpetrator will immediately ask for the OTP code for a number of accounts associated with the victim's telephone number. So that the perpetrator can freely log in to the user's account. You can just log in to your Whatsapp, M-banking or other member accounts.

SIM Swaps

This method seems old school, but apparently the impact is also quite large. The perpetrator will steal the victim's SIM card, and from there he can access the accounts linked to the victim's number and take over.

One of the victims was senior journalist Ilham Bintang whose banking account was broken into by hackers. Initially, the perpetrator managed to get Ilham's SIM card and entered the banking account. As a result, some money was successfully taken by the perpetrators and Ilham admitted that he had suffered losses of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.


Is software that can record activities including data on cellphones that have this software installed. Usually this software hides when users download programs that do not have official certification, such as pirated software or illegal applications

Of course this depends on the user's level of awareness, because this software can only run if the user gives installation permission on their cellphone. Not only taking important data, Spyware can also damage the user's cellphone.


If this one is indeed software for spying activities that are usually owned by the military of a government. This software is known to have been developed by an Israeli company called NSO Group Technologies. Pegasus is often the main weapon of intelligence agents to infiltrate and spy on the other side.

Whatsapp said that they received many complaints about the Pegasus application which was reported to have hacked thousands of user accounts. The victims were mostly government officials, activists and journalists.

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