Here's How Hackers Do World Celebrity Twitter Accounts

Here's How Hackers Do World Celebrity Twitter Accounts
Geekers -  The virtual world was shocked by cases of hacking into the Twitter accounts of a number of well-known figures, from celebrities, political figures to large corporations. Indeed this account burglary has occurred several times on Twitter, but this time it might be the biggest in the history of the social network with the blue bird logo.

Twitter does not deny the existence of the burglary case, and it already knows how hackers can get into the victim's account and take over. Twitter confirmed that the problem was caused by a weakness in the internal admin system and a number of software exploited by hackers to carry out the breach.

His party detected hacking actions using the Social Engineering method targeting internal staff who had access to Twitter's admin system and software. After successfully penetrating and logging into the accounts of a number of well-known figures, they can also upload tweets to that account.

The Social Engineering method itself is a hacking method by exploiting the psychological weaknesses of the targets who will be victims. Usually by giving gifts or other lures, so that the victim is careless and unconsciously obeys the hacker's orders to disclose their important data.

In this case, it was Twitter's internal staff who were trapped, so the hackers could enter the admin system page. Next, the hacker takes advantage of the tools on that page to change the main email of the account that will be the target, to their email. So that hackers can freely enter the account and take over.

While several other sources provide an explanation of how the Twitter account burglary case could have happened. Techcrunch, for example, reported that the case involved several people. The action was masterminded by a hacker with the nickname Kirk. He is said to have made a profit of up to USD 100,000, just hours after the burglary occurred.

He took advantage of the tools on the admin system to reset the email associated with the target's Twitter account. Then, the hacker sends a scam containing messages regarding crypto exchange tools

Then there was Motherboard which said the account breach case involved Twitter's internal staff themselves. They are paid to hand over important data so hackers can get into the admin system and break in. Twitter itself is still conducting an investigation regarding this report, and cannot confirm if their own staff carried out the break-in or submitted important data to hackers.

As a result of this case, Twitter will face problems that could last for the next few months. It was also noted that their shares dropped after this case came to light. His party is still continuing to make improvements by freezing the victim's accounts to then make a recovery.

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