Here's How to Change Blog Templates for Beginners, It's Free!

Here's How to Change Blog Templates for Beginners, It's Free!

Geekers - Blog is an abbreviated term for web blog. Blogs are used as a medium and means of information, dissemination of information, in the form of writing, pictures and others.

Blog readers have no limitations, this is because the Blog platform is generally open to everyone. So that everyone has the right to access the blog and get a variety of interesting information.

Creator content also applies to a blogger. This is because they also create or create content in the form of interesting and informative writing so that it is useful for their readers.

How to Change Free Blog Templates

The thing to consider in becoming a blogger is the quality of the writing. The quality of writing must always be improved to be better. In addition, the quality of the appearance of the blog must also be considered, so that users don't get bored and feel comfortable reading your writing. Here's how to change the blog template to make it more attractive:

1. Make sure you have a device that can be used to do this activity, such as a laptop, computer or tablet.

2. An internet connection is required to make it easier for you to change blog templates

3. You have to start looking for blog template references that are to your liking

4. You can get web template references on the site

5. Then the main page view of btemplates will appear

how to change the blog template on btemplates how to change the blog template on btemplates

6. You can search for the template you want

7. Before downloading it, you better see how the preview of the template you are using, by clicking on the demo

Demo templates Demo templates

8. After that, click download to download the template you want

download templates download templates

9. To change the blog template, you must have a blog page first. For that you can use to create a blogspot account.

10. When you have accessed the site, you must sign in or log into your blog account

Sign in blogger Sign in blogger

11. After successfully logging in, you will see the main page of your blog account

how to change blog templates for free how to change blog templates for free

12. To change the blog template, you must click on the theme menu on the left menu bar

Click the theme on the left Click the theme on the left

13. Then, you will see the appearance of the blog that uses the current template. In this blog itself, there are several templates that you can use. However, for this tutorial, use a template that has been downloaded from

14. On the theme menu page, click backup/restore, to continue the process of changing your blog template

backup/restore backup/restore

15. Then a pop-up display will appear from the backup/restore options. On this page, you can enter a template that was previously downloaded

16. Click Choose File to be able to upload the .xml file from the downloaded template

Pop up backup restore Pop up backup restore

17. Select the .xml file from the template that has been downloaded, and stored on your device, click open or press enter

how to change blogger blogspot template how to change blogger blogspot template

18. Then click upload so that the template you want is saved, and your blog template is replaced with a new template

Click upload template Click upload template

19. Check your blog again, and the template has changed. The appearance of your blog will be a new look with attractive nuances according to your wishes.

Change template results Change template results

With information on how to change blog templates, it makes it easier for bloggers or content creators who are engaged in writing to add design inspiration to their blogs.

Having a blog is very useful for writers and readers. With a blog, it can be used as a medium of information that can be accessed by many people.

That way, the blog can be a means and place to convey the aspirations and inspiration of writers. The information and insights and knowledge conveyed in the blog can be a new source of reference for you as a reader. Where, reference sources are not limited to books, but also blogs that provide various kinds of information. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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