Here's How to Check the Original iPhone Warranty (Latest 2022)

Here's How to Check the Original iPhone Warranty (Latest 2022)
Geekers -  One of the most important things when buying an iPhone is the warranty issue. Meanwhile, Apple has never used a warranty card in the form of paper or documents that must be filled out and sent to a specific address, for example. Everything about the warranty and the products you use are stored based on the Serial Number, which is a unique code that exists on every device from Apple products.

Of course when you are going to buy an iPhone you need an iPhone guarantee that is original and officially valid in Indonesia. To make sure you can check the iPhone warranty that you have.

Apart from knowing the authenticity of the warranty, checking the iPhone warranty can also help you find out how long the remaining warranty period is valid. This is important, especially if you want to claim a warranty or ensure the length of the remaining warranty period when buying a second iPhone.

Here's How to Check the Original Iphone Warranty

Now to be able to find out whether the iPhone warranty is original or not, still valid or not, here I will provide a way to check the iPhone warranty by serial number or imei on your iPhone.

1.You can check this warranty online by opening your Safari Application to be able to carry out the online checking process. You can enter this link in your safari search page. Then it will appear like the image below.

How to Check iPhone Warranty with IMEI How to Check iPhone Warranty with IMEI

2. Then go to Settings – General – About – Serial Number. Press and hold your finger on the list to copy the Serial Number of the iOS device used. Like the picture below.

copy serial number copy serial number

3. After that, enter the Serial Number that you copied earlier into the dialog box to enter the serial number on the Safari page contained in step number 1. As shown below.

How to Check an Original iPhone Warranty How to Check an Original iPhone Warranty Don't forget to enter the verification code that you are not a machine or a bot.

4. Then the results of checking by Apple will appear which will show your iPhone warranty such as warranty authenticity, original product or not, remaining warranty, and so on.

How to Check the Original iPhone Online Warranty How to Check the Original iPhone Online Warranty

How? It's easy, right. In addition to detecting the authenticity of the iPhone warranty, you can also see very complete warranty information. Check the remaining iPhone warranty period, check whether the iPhone was purchased in a valid way, the remaining phone support period, and so on.

All you need is your iPhone's IMEI number or Serial number. Hopefully the tutorial on how to check the Iphone warranty can be useful and can be used so that you are not mistaken in buying or checking the authenticity of your iPhone. Thanks. 🙂


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