Here's How to Convert BIN Files to ISO for Beginners, Really Easy!

Here's How to Convert BIN Files to ISO for Beginners, Really Easy!
Geekers -  For those of you who often surf the internet to download images, files or movies, it's not uncommon to find files in the Bin format. Because files with the bin format are very much circulating on the internet to date.

The Bin file itself is an old type of file which contains all the information that came from the original DVD or CD. But you can't open the Bin file directly, so you won't be able to see what files are inside.

But there is one way to open the file, the method is that you have to burn the Bin file to a CD or insert it into a virtual drive. Another way is that you can change the file with the Bin extension to an ISO file. Therefore, you need third-party applications to be able to burn and open these files.

How to Convert BIN to ISO on PC/Laptop

This ISO file is often also called a disk image file. When viewed from its definition, an ISO file is an archive file which is an identical copy of any data or copy that has been stored on an optical disk, for example, such as DVD, Blue ray or CD.

In this tutorial, I used the PowerISO application to convert a Bin file to an ISO file. Here's step by step how to convert bin to ISO.

1. Download the PowerISO application first. If so, then double-click on the PowerISO application. Then a window will appear as shown in the image below. Click the I Agree button.

change bin to iso change bin to iso

2. Choose the installation location for the PowerISO application on your computer. Then click the Install button.

PowerISO application installation PowerISO application installation

3. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete. Then click the Next button.

how to convert bin to iso how to convert bin to iso

4. When finished, select the association file you need. Here I chose the .iso, .daa, .bin, and .cue files. Then click the Close Button.

bin to iso conversion bin to iso conversion

5. Then the initial display of the PowerISO application will appear as shown below. Click the Tools menu which is located at the top of the toolbar.

Tools Tools

6. Then various menus will appear on the Tools menu. Choose the Convert File Format button if you want to convert a file.

convert bin to iso convert bin to iso

7. Then the convert file format window will appear as shown below. In the Source file section, click the file icon on the right as shown in the picture. This icon serves to display the file explorer.

show file explorer show file explorer

8. Then look for the file with the BIN extension that you want to convert to an ISO file. Here I already have a file with the BIN extension. Click the file and click the Open button.

convert bin to iso convert bin to iso

9. Then you will return to the Convert File format window. Change the output file format to ISO format. The trick is in the Output file format section, click the button on the right and then select the Standard ISO Images (.ISO) option. Then click the OK button to continue converting the Bin file to an ISO file.

convert bin to iso convert bin to iso

10. Wait for a few minutes, the conversion process will run. You can wait for it to finish the conversion process.

convert bin to iso convert bin to iso

11. When the conversion process is complete, a pop-up window will appear stating that the conversion process has been completed properly. Then click the OK button.

convert bin to iso convert bin to iso

Thus the article that explains how to convert a BIN file to an ISO file. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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