Here's How to Download WhatsApp on a Laptop, Easy and Simple!

Here's How to Download WhatsApp on a Laptop, Easy and Simple!

Geekers - In this day and age, there are many types of applications that make it easier for us to communicate. One of them is WhatsApp, this application is much liked by its users because in addition to communicating, the features offered are simple and have good security and do not contain advertisements.

WhatsApp can be installed on cellphones and laptops / computers. The difference lies in the size of the screen, which is adjusted to the electronic device of the cellphone or laptop.

If you're using a laptop, you can chat with friends and it's very practical, especially those who work with a laptop/computer every day (for business, for example). So, for those of you who don't know how to download the WhatsApp application on a laptop, let's see the tutorial!

How to Download WhatsApp on a Laptop

Installing the WhatsApp (WA) application on a laptop has been done by many people, because under certain circumstances it can really help us. So, for more details, just see how to download WhatsApp on the laptop below.

A. How to Download the WhatsApp Application

How to download WA can be done by accessing the WA site or downloading via the Microsoft Store on your laptop. However, this article explains how to download WA by accessing the WA site in a browser. The steps are as follows:

1. The first step is to open this site

2. After entering the site above, look at the bottom then click Download For Windows (64-BIT), as shown by the arrow.

How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop

2. Then several options will appear at the bottom, then click Run, to download the desktop version of WA. Wait until the download process is complete.

WhatsApp 2 WhatsApp 2

3. After the download is complete, open the WhatsApp application in the download folder, then click WhatsApp.exe and the WA installation process has started on your laptop.

B. Install the Whatsapp Application to Scan the QR Code

How to install WA on a laptop is also quite easy, but the main requirement is that your cellphone has WA installed when you want to install it. Because to enter the WA account that you have, you have to link it to your cellphone by scanning a QR code.

What is meant by QR Code? Now the abbreviation is Quick Response Code. This means that the barcode is 2-dimensional in shape and contains data. So to get all the WA data on the cellphone to the laptop, use the QR.

Hmmm… so far you understand right? For more details, see how to install WA by scanning the QR code:

1. The first thing that appears when WhatsApp is installed on the desktop is the procedure for using WhatsApp on a computer that must be linked to your cellphone. Listen carefully so you understand.

Here's How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop Here's How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop

Barcode Image on Desktop

2. Follow as shown in step two. Open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, then click Menu (three dots) at the top right.

WhatsApp 4 Whatsapp 4

3. Then select WhatsApp Web. From guide number two (in the way of installing WA on the desktop there is a slight difference where WhatsApp Web is located on the WA display which is now in the menu, not in Settings). So you don't need to be confused because the appearance of the application is always being updated.

WhatsApp 5 WhatsApp 5

4. Then click OK I understand as shown by the arrow to start scanning the QR code. The way to scan the barcode is to bring your cellphone closer to the barcode provided in the instructions for using WA on the desktop.

WhatsApp 6 WhatsApp 6

5. Now you can use WhatsApp on your laptop. This is how WA looks like on the desktop, there are several differences. But not much different, and still easy to understand.

How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop with a Sqan QR Code How to Download WhatsApps on a Laptop with a Sqan QR Code

That's how to download WhatsApp on a complete laptop for beginners. By using the desktop version of WhatsApp, you can chat with your friends or relatives via PC / Laptop. See you in the next tutorial!

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