Here's How to Dual BBM on an Android Phone Without Root (+Image)

Here's How to Dual BBM on an Android Phone Without Root (+Image)

Geekers - BlackBerry Messenger or better known as BBM had exploded among the people of Indonesia. Beginning with the launch of the BlackBerry mobile phone which once made the country excited with its capabilities, this cellular company also has its flagship software, namely the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

At first, the BBM application was only designed specifically for BlackBerry owners. However, since the use of mobile phones has been declining, his party continues to set a market strategy by officially releasing BBM for cross-platforms, namely iOS and Android in 2013.

Even though the BBM application is not as popular as WhatsApp and LINE, this application that has had its ups and downs has survived by continuing to provide its best innovations. The BBM application, which is known as an instant messenger, uses a PIN that differs from one user to another.

Over time, BBM is also used as a place of business, community and other things. So it's not uncommon for BBM users to want to create dual BBM or two BBM on one Android phone. Then how do you dual fuel on an Android phone? Let's look at the following explanation.

How to Dual BBM on an Android Phone Without Root

As we know that some official applications can only be installed and used by one account on one smartphone. However, you don't need to worry because technological developments also follow the flow of people's needs.

Therefore, there are lots of new technologies offered by large and small companies. One of them overcomes problems with similar cases, namely to be able to make dual BBM on an Android cellphone.

So, in this article, we will create dual BBM on Android phones using third-party applications or additional applications. Keep in mind, to be able to create dual BBM, the application in question or BBM must have been installed on your Android phone first. Follow the steps below:

1. Download and install the Parallel Space – Multiple account & Two face application in the playstore.

How to Dual BBM How to Dual BBM

2. The next step is to open the Parallel Space application > then select START.

step 2 - select START step 2 - select START

3. After that, please select the BBM application > then select the Add to Parallel Space button (1).

How to Dual BBM How to Dual BBM

4. Then select the BBM application that we have added.

step 4 - select the BBM application step 4 - select the BBM application

5. You can already use BBM. You can log in with two options, namely the first using a mobile number and the second via email. If you choose the first option please enter the number then select Next. However, if you choose the second option, please select Login with email. In this article I use the first option.

step 5 - enter BBM account step 5 - enter BBM account

6. Next, please fill in your name > then select Next.

How to Dual BBM on an Android Phone How to Dual BBM on an Android Phone

7. So dual BBM has been successfully created in one Android phone. Enjoy!

How to Dual BBM without root How to Dual BBM without root

Isn't it easy to dual fuel on an Android phone? This Parallel Space application can not only be used to dualize BBM applications but can also dualize other applications.

The way this third-party application works is to clone the main application that is already installed on your Android device. So, to be able to clone or dual an application, your Android device must have the application installed.

Even though there are many other ways, such as downloading the BBM2, BBM3 or similar unofficial applications, I recommend that you use this method. Why is that? Because apart from being easy, you can also take advantage of the Parallel Space application to clone other applications. So many articles about how to make dual BBM on an Android phone. Hopefully this information is useful for you. Good luck!


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