Here's How to Easily Change Instagram Names, Let's Listen!

Here's How to Easily Change Instagram Names, Let's Listen!

Geekers - Instagram is one of the social media that can be used to share various kinds of moments and information. Social media is currently experiencing a period of rise because it is popular with its users.

The average Instagram user is the current generation who are familiar with technology. The sophisticated smartphone used is one of the devices that can be used to access Instagram.

Easy access to Instagram via a smartphone can spoil its users, because it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This depends on the internet connection each user has. A smooth internet connection can support the quality of surfing on Instagram to be more interesting and fun.

How to Change Instagram Name Easily

The Instagram account is proof of the user's identity when using Instagram social media. So that the name used becomes the identity of the user. Here's how to change the Instagram name, so it looks different:

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet

2. Open your Instagram application (continue at point 9)

how to change instagram name how to change instagram name

3. (if you don't have the Instagram app yet) Open Google Playstore

4. The Google Playstore main page will appear, look at the top for the search field

5. Type in the keyword “instagram� in the search field, click enter or search

6. then an application reference will appear that matches the keyword, find the Instagram application

7. Click the install button, wait until the installation process is complete

8. Open your Instagram application that has been installed on your smartphone device, and log in to your Instagram account

9. You will be presented with the Instagram home view. In this view you can see various content from accounts that you have followed or that you have followed

10. Click on the person icon to go to your personal account page. On this page you will find a detailed view of your profile that can be seen by other Instagram users

Instagram main page Instagram main page

11. To change the name on an Instagram account, you need to enter the Edit Profile section

this is how to change the name of instagram this is how to change the name of instagram

12. Then you will see details of your Instagram account profile information. Starting from the name, username which is your account ID so that other users can easily recognize it, a website that you can display, and a Bio that you can fill in with any sentence according to yourself and what you want. Apart from that, there are also privacy settings, such as email address, telephone number, and gender.

13. You can change your Instagram name in the username and name section. When you make changes to your username, you can say you are updating your Instagram ID. However, if you only change the name, only the display name will change, but the username will still be the same.

instagram name instagram name

14. After changing the Instagram name, you must click the check button in the upper right corner. This is to ensure that the changes you make are saved.

how to change instagram name for beginners how to change instagram name for beginners

With information about how to change the Instagram name, it can make it easier for users to change their name. Where the Instagram name can be changed according to the wishes of the account owner. Provided that the desired account name has not been used by another user.

When the name you want is already used by another user, you can add another character or another name for your Instagram account. This Instagram account name is characteristic of you because it can be remembered by other people.

With this instagram you can find lots of friends and various references and information in everyday life. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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