Here's How to Easily Change Photo Backgrounds with Paint

Here's How to Easily Change Photo Backgrounds with Paint

Geekers - When going to take care of any document, surely we are often required to bring a photo with a predetermined color background. And the colors that are often used as backgrounds are white, red, and also blue.

Not only useful for making a number of formal documents, photos with colored backgrounds are also often used to make job applications and Curiculum Vitae (CV).

Therefore, photos with various background colors are very necessary in our lives. For that we have to provide some photos with some background colors. To change the background color of a photo, we can use the Paint application on the computer, along with the explanation.

How to Change Photo Background with Paint

Paint is a software application that is designed simply and is included in the Windows operating system. Microsoft Paint is useful for creating or editing an image.

This Paint application is also made very simple, so this application is very easy to use.

And in this article, we will explain how to change the background (photo background) using Microsoft Paint. Here are the steps for changing the photo background with Paint:

1. The first thing you can do is open the Microsoft Paint application on your computer. To open it, you can search for it in the search field on your computer by typing the word Paint. After that you click on the Paint application. And here is a picture of the Microsoft Paint application.

How to change photo background with paint How to change photo background with paint

2. Then you can click file on the toolbar above and click Open. After that, a box for your computer files will appear, so you can choose the image you want to change the background for.

paint paint

3. The photo you previously selected will also appear in the Paint application. The next step you can click Select, the Select menu will present several options. You can click Free-form selection. You can see the image below.

paint paint

4. The next stage you have to select the background contained in your photo. You have to do this very carefully, and select them as neatly as possible. Try you have to bring together the starting point and ending point when you select the photo.

To select it, you can left-click on the mouse and hold it, then you can drag the mouse according to the background border on your photo. If so, then the results of your photos will be like below.

paint paint

5. Then you can click the paint can icon and choose the color you want. This time I used red. The result will be like in the image below.

how to change photo background with how to change photo background with

6. To tidy up the edges of the remaining background that are not smoothly selected, you can do this step. First you have to click the Brushes icon and then choose a background color, then you can cover the background that is not selected by brushing it.

paint paint

7. After editing using Brushes. Below is the result of the edited photo. Suggest to enlarge the image to make it easier to reach the part that still leaves the old photo background.

how to change photo background with for beginners how to change photo background with for beginners

That's how to change the background of a photo using Microsoft Paint. Hopefully the methods above can make you understand and easily change the background color in your photos.

And hopefully the tutorial on how to change the photo background with Paint above can be useful for you and also become your reference in editing photo backgrounds. Because this method is very easy for a beginner to do.

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