Here's How to Easily Display Borders in Word, Let's Listen!

Here's How to Easily Display Borders in Word, Let's Listen!

Geekers - Microsoft Word is a subset of Microsoft Office for typing whatever you want to type. Papers, novels, short stories, articles, reports, or others. Typing a document full of math equations is not a problem either. One of Microsoft's flagship products provides many conveniences, so it's no wonder that the number of users is now more than 1 billion people, even though the license price is more expensive than the price of a 1 TB external hard drive.

One of the conveniences provided by Microsoft Word is the date of the document which can change automatically each time the document is opened. The text capitalization feature also allows the first letter of each first word in a sentence to be capitalized without having to edit each sentence.

If there are errors in typing words that occur repeatedly, the Find and Replace feature is available to replace each of these words which is far more time-saving than tracing the contents of a long document from beginning to end.

How to Display Borders in Word

Protection features can also be found in Microsoft Word so that documents can be secured with a password so that they cannot be opened or can be opened but cannot be edited. The edited part of the document can also be limited, for example only limited to adding comments to the document or filling out the fields in a form. Another option, allows editing but every change is recorded by Microsoft Word so you can find out which parts have been edited by others.

The border around the document can also help you edit the document. A simple feature, but quite important for some users. This border does not appear by default in Word, so you need to set it first so that it always appears every time you edit the document. You can follow the following steps to display borders in Word from the first step to the final step.

1. The first thing you need to do is switch to the File tab.

How to Display Borders in Word 1 How to Display Borders in Word 1

2. After that select Options.

How to Display Borders in Word 2 How to Display Borders in Word 2

3. On the Advanced menu, scroll down a little and check the Show text boundaries option.

How to Display Borders in Word 3 How to Display Borders in Word 3

4. Now your document has a border and it will make it easier for you when typing documents in Word.

How to Display Borders in Word 4 How to Display Borders in Word 4

By exploring every feature that Microsoft Word has before using it, you can make Microsoft Word really work the way you want. For example, adding words in Auto Correct to further save typing time, disabling the spell checker so it doesn't interfere with document editing, displaying borders, adjusting the distance between text borders and page edges, setting Microsoft Word not to select more text than you need by turn off the feature “When selecting, automatically select entire word”, and others.

It may take a long time to explore the features of Microsoft Word because there are so many of them. To work around this, you can start with features related to typing documents so that the typing process can go smoother, while for other features such as collaboration features you can adjust them gradually.


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