Here's How to Easily Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

Here's How to Easily Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

Geekers - Have you heard of the Easyworship app? Or have you ever used the Easyworship app? The Easyworship application is an application designed and specifically for use in churches. Because you can use this application to make or display presentations in houses of worship so that they can be seen more clearly. We can display videos, texts and songs using easyworship via a projector.

At first glance, this easyworship application is almost similar to the Powerpoint application. However, this application has more benefits and capabilities than the Powerpoint application.

And the mainstay feature of this application is that we can make the result of the video from the handycam camera become the background. Then can we have PowerPoint slides and want to display them using the easyworship application? The answer is of course you can, we can still display PowerPoint results using the easyworship application.

How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

If you have already created a presentation file using PowerPoint, you can still display it using the easyworship application. Because this application already supports powerpoint slides in it. With its flexible use, this application is greatly enjoyed by users.

What's more, this application can bring up Running Text messages. Running text or running message is a running text and we often see it on television. That way we can provide song texts and texts that will be read by the audience.

To be able to display powerpoint on easyworship, we must first install the easyworship application and prepare a presentation file that has a powerpoint extension. And here's a tutorial on how to display powerpoint on easywordship.

1. If you have finished installing the Easyworship application, then double-click on the application to open it. In this tutorial, I use the Easyworship 7 application.

easyworship easyworship

2. Then the start page of the easyworship application will appear. In the Schedule section, click the Settings icon as shown below.

easyworship easyworship

3. In the schedule settings menu, there will be lots of menus in it. Click the Add Item menu and in the Add Item menu, select the Browse For Powerpoint File… option.

How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

4. Next, your computer's file explorer will appear, enter the folder containing your PowerPoint files that you want to display using the EasyWorship application. If you have selected a powerpoint file, click the Open button.

easyworship easyworship

5. Then your PowerPoint slide will appear in the preview section as shown below. If you want to display it using a projector, then you can click the Live menu which is located at the top of the menu. After that, in the Live menu, click the Go Live button.

How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

6. So now you can do a presentation using the easyworship application with slides made using the powerpoint application. When doing a Live presentation using this application, your computer screen will be covered with your presentation slides. The display is the same as the display on the slide show menu in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship How to Display Powerpoint on Easyworship

Thus the article that explains how to display powerpoint on easyworship. This application is highly recommended for those of you who are very active in making presentations in front of a very large audience. Because you can use these additional interesting features to make your presentation way better. So that the audience does not get sleepy while watching your presentation.

You can add music or songs in the middle of a presentation using the easyworship application. Of course you can use that in the middle of a presentation so that the audience's mind is a little more relaxed. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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