Here's How to Easily Set App Permissions on Android

Here's How to Easily Set App Permissions on Android
Geekers -  Maybe you are wondering what App Permission is. What are App Permissions? App Permission comes from English which means Application Permission.

When you install an application on Android, there is usually a notification automatically to allow access to your cellphone. Such as permission to access the camera, contacts, location, etc.

The Android system displays a list of requests that are required when an application is to be installed from the Google Play Store. This permission list will be very important because it relates to the data in your gadget. However, there are times when it is sensitive data such as requests to access your contacts or location.

Therefore, it is better if you peruse the permissions requested one by one to maintain the security of your own data. Unfortunately, every user is lazy to read and makes him always press the accept button.

However, those permissions are usually related to the application itself. If we disable one of them, maybe the application can not run. Example: When you install a chat application such as LINE or Whatsapp, of course the application will ask permission to access your contacts. So, this contact access permission must be activated so that it can always be connected to contacts on the cellphone.

How to Set App Permissions on Android

If you want to revisit apps that are taking up too much personal data, you can set app permissions on Android. Come on, see the following explanation on how to set app permissions on Android.

1. Open the settings menu on Android.

1-settings 1-settings

2. Next, open the more settings menu to see more existing settings.

2-more settings 2-more settings

3. Then, select the applications menu to see all the applications on your cellphone.

how to set app permissions on Android how to set app permissions on Android

4. To see the applications that you have installed on Android, click installed.

3-about phone 3-about phone 4-installed 4-installed

5. Select an application that you want to change the permissions for. Here I want to set the permissions of the LINE application.

how to set app permissions on Android how to set app permissions on Android

6. After that, click the permissions menu in the application.

6-permission 6-permission

7. Here we will make LINE able to access SMS. Slide the slider button until it turns on. If you want to disable it, please slide the slider button to off.

how to set app permissions on Android how to set app permissions on Android

That's how to set app permissions on Android. Very easy, right? Now you don't need to worry if a lot of personal data will be absorbed by certain applications. Enjoy trying the tutorial above. If this article helped, please share it with other friends. Thank you and hope it is useful.


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