Here's How to Install iTunes on a Laptop for Beginners, Let's Try It!

Here's How to Install iTunes on a Laptop for Beginners, Let's Try It!

Geekers - iTunes is software released by Apple which contains multimedia content that users can enjoy. Examples of multimedia are songs (music), films (movies), and so on. In addition, iTunes can also be used as a connecting media between iPhone and laptop/computer.

iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones can also be installed for laptop or computer users. But if you haven't installed iTunes on Windows (especially Windows 10), you won't be able to fully connect Windows to your iPad or iPhone.

How do you install iTunes on your laptop? The method is quite easy, try to pay close attention to the tutorial for how to install iTunes on the laptop below!

How to Install iTunes on a Laptop for Beginners

For those of you who are iPhone brand users, it is very useful to install iTunes, because to enjoy the various features provided, it can be easily obtained, such as backing up iPhone, restoring iPhone and other things.

Using iTunes for beginners who have never used it on Windows might be a little confusing how to use it. But if we study well we will easily understand it. So, in this article, we will discuss how to install iTunes on a laptop. Let's look at the steps so you understand better:

1. The first step is to open the site to download iTunes, namely try to go directly to the site made by Apple itself, namely The reason is because it makes it easier for us to download it.

2. The second step, click Get it from Microsoft or you can also click on the summary (which is on the right) and a download reading will appear, but you will still be redirected to Get it from Microsoft if you have the Microsoft Store on your laptop.

How to Install iTunes on a Laptop for Beginners How to Install iTunes on a Laptop for Beginners

3. After you switch to a Microsoft account, look on the right as shown by the arrow in the blue column, then click Get. Wait for iTunes to download to your laptop.

iTunes 2 iTunes 2

4. After finishing downloading iTunes, the text in the blue column will change to Launch and on the left there will be a sign that "this product is installed" has finished downloading. Then click the Launch text.

iTunes 3 iTunes 3

5. Then the iTunes Software License Agreement appears or the terms and conditions that apply if iTunes is installed on the laptop. Click Agree to install iTunes on your laptop.

How to Install iTunes on a Laptop Easily How to Install iTunes on a Laptop Easily

6. After iTunes is installed, click Agree to connect all the multimedia (photos, photo albums and so on) on your device to iTunes.

iTunes 5 iTunes 5

7. Now, you can use iTunes on your laptop and connect it to your iPhone. Enjoy all the features provided by iTunes. Especially for you iPhone and iPad users, you can connect your iOS to your laptop and can buy content provided by iTunes.

iTunes sotware for multimedia such as movies, music, videos is actually not the best choice. Because what is felt is just an ordinary software service. But the various features or content offered on iTunes can only be enjoyed when we install it on a laptop. For example watching movies purchased on iTunes, music services from Apple, and others.

But for iPhone or iPad users this software is very useful, because if we are users of both types of iOs it can make it easier for us in a number of ways such as importing music to iPhone, copying files/documents, and many more.

My advice is if you are not an iPhone or iPad iOs user, and you are not someone who likes to buy content on iTunes, you don't have to install iTunes on your laptop. Hopefully the tutorial on how to install iTunes on a laptop above is useful and easy to understand!

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