Here's How to Make a QR Code Easily and Free Without an Application

Here's How to Make a QR Code Easily and Free Without an Application

Geekers - – The presence of the QR Code has replaced the role of the barcode, which is a barcode. QR Code has a two-dimensional shape and its role is more widely used than barcodes. One of the reasons is because the QR Code is able to store more data.

Apart from that, the QR Code also has an international standardization license, so there is no need to doubt the quality of this code.

QR Code actually stands for Quick Response Code which is a barcode matrix code. The use of QR Code is increasing, considering that many people use smartphones. Then what exactly is the function of the QR Code? Do we really need to use the QR Code for our daily activities? Actually the function of the QR Code depends on the user.

How to Make a QR Code Easy and Free

1. First of all you have to open the QR Code Generator website. I suggest you to register via this link so you can use all the available features. After that, fill in the registration fields provided, then select Sign Up Now.

Creating a QR Code 1 Creating a QR Code 1

2. Open your email to verify.

Create a QR Code 2 Create a QR Code 2

3. Login to your e-mail account. Here I use Gmail. Click Activate account.

Create a QR Code 3 Create a QR Code 3

4. Select the type of QR Code you want. There are Websites, Coupons, Business Pages, Facebook, PDF and so on. Here I want to make a QR Code which when scanned will go to my website link. Therefore I chose the Website. Then you select Next.

Create a QR Code 4 Create a QR Code 4

5. After that, enter the destination URL in the Website column. You can also give the name of the QR Code (optional). Then select Next.

Create a QR Code 5 Create a QR Code 5

6. QR Code is ready to download. You can also choose which style you want, on the right. Finally select Download.

Create a QR Code 6 Create a QR Code 6

The Benefits of QR Code that You Need to Know

Below we will explain some of the general benefits of having the QR Code that you may not know about.

1. For Name Cards

The first QR Code function is related to business cards. Here you can enter information related to your name, cellphone number, social media, BBM pin, home address, office, and so on. All you need to do is just paste the QR code that you previously created.

After that, other people who want to see your business card or profile, they only need to move the QR Code that you have created. From this information about your profile will immediately appear after your QR Code is scanned. A practical and very easy way compared to having to record one by one.

2. Promotional Tools

QR Code is also useful as a promotional tool. Usually, posters or banners will link this code to their website. You can also attach the QR Code to t-shirts or employee uniforms or other places. The use of QR Code as a promotional tool is indeed quite extensive and the process is very fast so it doesn't need to take up much time.

3. Shortcut Downloading Apps

The third function is used as a shortcut or shortcut to download the application. Usually this is related to developers who want their applications to be downloaded easily. Just aim at the QR code through the smartphone camera and the application will automatically download. A very easy way compared to having to look for it on the internet and waiting for the download process to finish.

Actually without us knowing it we already have our own QR Code. Some of the applications that we use already have a feature to add friends by using a QR Code. The majority of these applications are messaging or messenger applications.

When you use this application, you will automatically get your own QR code which you can later give to other people who want to make you a friend in their contacts.

Some messenger applications that used to be popular using QR codes include: Line, Kakao Talk, and WeChat. Besides getting QR code automatically, can you make your own QR Code? Of course, I can. Advances in technology have provided many positive things for life. One of them is that you can create your own QR code.

That's how to make a QR Code easily. We hope this tutorial is useful and easy to practice!


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