Here's How to Move Files from HP to Laptop Without Hassle!

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Geekers - When buying a cell phone, there are several important factors to consider besides price. One of them is the purpose of buying this cellphone other than to communicate.

If in the future the cellphone will also be used to take photos often, then the target is of course a cellphone with a capable camera. And because photo file sizes tend to be large, internal storage capacity is also another important factor that shouldn't be ignored.

Using a microSD card to increase storage capacity on a cellphone is indeed possible, and there are even microSD cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB, but it's still more comfortable if the cellphone you have already provides a large enough internal storage capacity. Why is that? In essence, the answer is to get the best possible performance. One solution to overcome the smaller internal memory storage space, then you can move files from your cellphone to your laptop.

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How to Transfer Files from HP to Laptop

1. First you need to install the WiFi FTP Server application on the Playstore.

Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 1 Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 1

2. After installing the application, open the application and select Start.

how to move files from HP to laptop how to transfer files from HP to laptop

3. After clicking Start, the FTP Server on your cellphone is already running. What you need to pay attention to next is Server URL =>

Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 3 Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 3

4. Open File Explorer (you can use Windows key + E) then enter the Server URL as shown below.

Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 4 Transferring Files from HP to Laptop 4

5. Now you can access all the files on your cellphone and can move them easily on your laptop.

tutorial on how to move files from HP to laptop tutorial on how to transfer files from HP to laptop

Additional Info

Maybe some of you already know that for microSD cards used on Android phones that still don't use Marshmallow, not all types of data can be stored on it.

Although this problem was later resolved by Google by releasing a feature called Adoptable Storage in Android Marshmallow, the read and write speeds on internal storage are still better than microSD cards. That is why internal storage must still be prioritized over external storage.

However, it doesn't matter how much storage capacity is on the cellphone, one day the storage media will be full so you have to move some files to another location, for example to a laptop hard drive. Hard drive capacities are generally larger than microSD card capacities so they can accommodate far more files. Managing files and folders on a laptop is definitely more comfortable than managing files on a cellphone.


That's how to move files from HP to laptop easily. You don't have to wait until the HP storage capacity is full to transfer files from HP to laptop. You can transfer files regularly every day if you always use your cellphone to carry out various activities such as taking photos, recording videos, downloading files from the internet, installing applications and sharing files with friends. By moving files regularly, your cellphone will always be ready to accommodate as many files as possible.

Transferred files should also be managed properly. Important files are backed up, files that are rarely opened are compressed, files that are less important can be completely moved to the cloud to keep hard disk space free, and so on.

For file management, Total Commander or Q-Dir is software that you can rely on to replace File Explorer. As for compressing files, Winrar, 7-Zip and Bandizip are available. The five softwares have been widely used and are still being actively developed by the developers, especially Q-Dir which can even reach several new versions in one month.


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