Here's How to Order GoJek for the First Time, Let's Try It!

Here's How to Order GoJek for the First Time, Let's Try It!

Geekers - Don't have a vehicle? Traffic jams everywhere? Confused where to ride what? or do you have a vehicle that is still too lazy to carry it? Gausha is confused! Just GoJek! GoJek is an application that connects motorists with customers online.

By using GoJek, everything becomes easier. Want to send goods? you can use GoSend. Want to buy food, but lazy to leave the house, don't worry, you can use GoFood. GoJek is also available on Android and iOS.

So, for those of you who are using GoJek for the first time, don't worry because after this we will explain how to order GoJek. Come on, listen!

How to Order GoJek for the First Time

1. Make sure the GoJek application is installed on your cellphone. If not, please download and install until it's finished.

2. Open the application. Now, a notification will appear to activate the location of your device. Click OK.

how to order GoJek how to order GoJek 3. Select the menu that you will use. For example, choose Go-Ride. According to the name and logo, Go-Ride is an online motorcycle taxi. How to order Go-Jek How to order Go-Jek

4. After that, enter your destination location in the column provided.

how to order GoJek for the first time how to order GoJek for the first time

5. Next, set the pick-up location. You will see logos of motorbikes near your location. Specify the pickup point, then click set pickup. Look at the picture below.

4-set pickups 4-set pickups

6. After all is done, you can see the rates listed on the application. You can also pay via GoPay. GoPay is a kind of online wallet that you can use to transact via GoJek. If the price listed is in accordance with your pocket. Don't forget to click Order Go-Ride. how to order GoJek how to order GoJek

7. Wait for the driver to arrive at the pick-up location that you have previously set.

It's easy, isn't it? So, that's how to use GoJek for the first time. The method above also applies if you want to order GoCar.

Now you don't have to worry if you don't have a vehicle to go anywhere. Online motorcycle taxis are ready to help you anytime and anywhere. Thank you and I hope the tutorial on how to order GoJek above is useful!


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