Here's How To Permanently Remove Stubborn Chromium

Here's How To Permanently Remove Stubborn Chromium

Geekers - How to remove stubborn chromium? Hearing the word Chromium, maybe at first glance we will also remember about Google Chrome.

We know that Google Chrome is a very popular browser application and may outperform other browser applications. But actually there is still another product from Google called Chromium. Maybe the application is still rarely heard of, but that doesn't mean no one uses it.

Indeed, Chromium has advantages because it is open source. However, on the other hand it makes it easier for malware to enter and be contained in it. If there is Chromium in which there is malware, it means that Chromium is not an officially released browser.

However, the browser comes from the results of other people's modifications. Therefore, when you want to use Chromium, be careful and make sure the application you are using is truly genuine.

How To Permanently Remove Chromium

If in doubt, you should remove Chromium and it is better if you just use Google Chrome. So what if it turns out that Chromium cannot be lost from our computer or laptop? Here's how to permanently remove Chromium.

1. Open Windows Explorer then go to the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local folder. After that you enter the Chromium folder.

How to Permanently Remove Chromium How to Permanently Remove Chromium

2. There you will see two folders named Application and User Data.

Removing Stubborn Chromium 2 Removing Stubborn Chromium 2

3. You need to delete both folders permanently by pressing Shift + Delete key. If you cannot delete the two folders, then you must first open the Task Manager.

How to Permanently Remove Chromium How to Permanently Remove Chromium

4. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. After that, stop the running Chromium process by right clicking > End task.

Removing Stubborn Chromium 4 Removing Stubborn Chromium 4

5. If so, then you need to clean the Recycle Bin. Just right-click the Recycle Bin icon and select Empty Recycle Bin.

How to Remove Stubborn Chromium How to Remove Stubborn Chromium

Difference between Google Chrome and Chromium

Even though both of them come from Google, there are some differences between the two browsers. To help you differentiate between Chromium and Google Chrome, please see our explanation below.

1. Automatic Updates

If you want to update Chrome, then you have to use Google Update Windows so that later Google Chrome can run the latest version. Meanwhile, you can't do this in Chromium. On Linux distributions, you have to update them manually because updates are built into specific packages.

2. Usage Statistics and Damage Reports

Google Chrome already has a feature that will provide information about crash reports and usage statistics. These features relate to the operating system, device information, settings, and others. A useful feature to prevent Google Chrome from crashing. However, you don't find this feature in Chromium.

3. Sandbox support

The third difference is in the sandbox support between Google Chrome and Chromium. Sandbox is a security feature to separate running programs. Usually, the sandbox will be used when you want to test an unverified program that may contain viruses. Even though both of them have sandbox support, it turns out that there are differences between the two.

For Google Chrome, the Sandbox feature will automatically activate when you install the application. While in Chromium, you can enable or disable this feature although it only applies to some Linux distributions.


That's how to remove stubborn Chromium permanently. As we know, Chromium is an open source browser application developed by The Chromium Project. This application can also be run on several platforms such as those owned by Google Chrome.

For those of you who are programmers, you can tinker with Chromium so that it can become your own version of a browser. This cannot be separated from its open source nature. But if for normal browsing use, it's better to just use Google Chrome.


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