Here's How to Register for BBM on an Android Phone that Can Be Practiced

Here's How to Register for BBM on an Android Phone that Can Be Practiced

Geekers - BlackBerry Messenger. Who has never heard of this one brand. We are sure that most of you at least never heard of it in its golden age. In the past, this application was an exclusive application that could only be enjoyed by Blackberry users. So that only Blackberry device users can enjoy this messenger application.

However, since October 23, 2013, RIM (Research In Motion) as the official license holder of Blackberry has finally allowed and released BBM so that this application can be used and enjoyed on Apple's iOS machines and also Google's Android.

Initially, observers thought that with this permit, which of course would result in the release of the exclusivity tag on BBM, it was feared that the interest in using it would decrease and over time it would decrease significantly. But until now, 5 years later, BBM has proven itself to the world that it can survive and exist today.

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How to register BBM?

For those of you who haven't used this application and are interested in using it, here we present a few easy steps on how to register BBM easily, even for beginners though.

1. First of all, of course, please download and install the BBM application using the Google Playstore. You can easily search for it by typing the keyword “BBM� or “Blackberry Messenger� on the search box.

how to register bbm how to register bbm

2. After finishing installing, please open the BBM application on your smartphone.

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3. Next you will be faced with the registration page as shown in the image below. Please enter your telephone number then click Next.

how to register bbm how to register bbm

4. Wait a few moments for BBM to send the code via SMS. Once sent, BBM will automatically read the code sent and carry out the loading process.

5. Next you will be directed to the Profile Setup page as shown below. Fill in your name, then click Next.

005wr 005wr

6. Then a pop up box will appear saying that BBM will ask your permission to access the contact. Click “Continue�.

how to register bbm how to register bbm

7. Next you will be immediately directed to the BBM main page. You have also registered and have an account at BBM. You can directly add group friends.

how to register bbm with email how to register bbm with email

Blackberry Messenger at its time was one of the most up-to-date messenger applications. While others can only be used to chat using text, BBM makes a breakthrough by providing a feature for sending photos or pictures on the chat page. It has an interesting timeline feature so that users can see the activities of their respective colleagues or friends so they can stay connected using this application.

Now, with RIM's new policy that allows access to this application on Android and iOS, instead of reducing the features on BBM, it becomes more diverse and flexible to use. One of these features, for example, is that you can even read interesting and funny comics using BBM, similar to LINE's webtoon feature. One of the other interesting features of BBM is the BBM Career feature. You can use this feature to search for jobs. Very interesting isn't it?

Above are some steps how to register for BBM that you can do if you want to register a new account on Blackberry Messenger or BBM. If you feel that the method or steps above are easy and you can apply them immediately, then don't wait any longer, immediately execute the method or steps for registering BBM above.

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