Here's How to Search for NISN by Name, Very Easy!

Here's How to Search for NISN by Name, Very Easy!

Geekers - We, as Indonesian citizens who are old enough, are probably used to hearing about and having a card called KTP (Resident Identity Card) in each of our wallets. This card, as we all know is an identification device that proves that you are a legal national color and are of legal age.

For citizens who are not old enough, they are not allowed to make and have an ID card. For underage residents, most of whom are the same age as school children, according to the government, it would be much more effective if a student identification number system was created as an identification tool, also known as NISN (National Student Identification Number).

This NISN, as the name suggests, is an identification number, so that each person will have a number that is unique and certainly different from one another. NISN is one of the student identification number management system services that is managed directly nationally and centrally by the Center for Data and Statistics of the Ministry of National Education and is also a part of the program (Educational Basic Data).

Aside from being a sign and student identification tool, NISN also has several functions and benefits. As previously mentioned, this NISN functions like a KTP or National Identity Card for adults. Not many people know that actually this NISN is a fixed number and can be used for life, so students don't have to change their student identification number every time they want to continue their higher education.

With NISN too, we can see the development and movement of student education. Starting from class increases, graduations, transfers, educational history, even the status of students whether they are still active or who are no longer active due to dropping out of school. With NISN, students who decide to study with the homeschooling system can continue their education to a higher level with an easier process.

How to Find NISN by Name

Unfortunately, with the myriad functions and benefits of the NISN, there are still many parents and students who don't understand and don't even know the NISN that belongs to them or their children. That's why this time we will discuss how to find the NISN if you only know the student's name and date of birth.

1 First, please turn on the computer and open your browser. Please type Then the main page will appear. On that page there will be two main tabs, please click the “Search By Name†tab?

How to Find NISN by Name How to Find NISN by Name

2 Next you will be faced with several fields or columns that you must fill in. Fill in the name of the student you want to search for, then the place and date of birth of the student.

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3 After filling in the required data, please click the Search button.

How to Find NISN by Name How to Find NISN by Name

4 Please wait for a while until finally the results will be displayed. You will be able to see some key data belonging to the student you are looking for. Some of them are NISN, Name, Gender (1 for male and 2 for female), place of birth and the last is date of birth.

How to Find NISN by Name How to Find NISN by Name

NISN or National Student Identification Number is a medium that can be used as a student identification tool and students can use it to view the history of education and important keys in their educational database.

It would be a shame if you didn't know your own identity. Therefore, please try to check your or your child's NISN and please use it as best and wisely as possible.


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